Kate Middleton Is More Popular Than Meghan Markle Because There’s More of a ‘Mystery’ About Her, Body Language Expert Says

A recent poll on the royal family found that Kate Middleton is more popular than Meghan Markle, and one body language expert thinks he knows why. The results of a YouGov survey about the popularity of royals showed Kate in the third spot at 65% popularity. Meanwhile, Meghan was in the 14th position, with 26% popularity.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle smiling and sitting side by side. Kate is wearing a green dress and Meghan is wearing a white shirt.
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle | Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas shared his thoughts on why the Duchess of Cambridge came out so far ahead of Meghan. In a video on The Body Language Guy‘s YouTube channel, Rosas shared that there’s a good reason why Kate is “more than twice as popular in the U.S.” as Meghan.

It comes down to mystery. According to Rosas, Kate has an “aura of mystery,” and Meghan doesn’t.

Meghan, he said, is more open about her private life while Kate keeps a lot of hers under wraps. That difference between the two women influences people’s perceptions.

“Even if one has to take any kind of poll with a grain of salt, it is not difficult to pinpoint why Kate leads in popularity,” Rosas said. He asked how often Kate is seen talking in videos. “It’s important to establish how the perception of a person works.”

He noted how “her appearances have been mostly an exercise in body language,” adding, “It’s not that she doesn’t give speeches, it’s that most of her appearances, we cannot hear her talk.”

By comparison, the Duchess of Sussex talks quite often. Rosas explained, “It’s much easier to remember all the times we have heard her talking” since her relationship with Prince Harry.

“It’s highly likely that the clips or videos from Meghan that were more impactful for you include some sort of speaking or talking because there are so many of them.”

In terms of the impact speaking or not speaking has on popularity, Rosas notes “there is one huge fact about our perception — that is mystery.”

Meghan Markle has ‘become boring,’ expert shares

The body language expert believes that by revealing too much about yourself, “you’ll instantly become boring,” which is why he thinks Kate Middleton is more popular. “There is no way you can be interesting if you don’t nurture a bit of mystery around yourself.”

He continued, “Mystery is showing people just enough of you, so they keep guessing the rest and surprise them from time to time with a new angle that they just weren’t aware of.”

When Kate played piano at a 2021 Christmas carol concert, it was completely unexpected, with Rosas noting it “had that impact because it was surrounded by an aura of mystery.”

According to Rosas, “Popularity or being interesting or having a magnetic or even charismatic personality starts with mystery.”

The “problem” with Meghan, according to the expert, is how much of her personal life she shares. “The more you expose about your personal life, the less interesting you’ll be for other people.”

He continued, “If the moments we always remember about Meghan is her whining again and again about her struggles, her personal life, and that kind of topics, that turns her into a boring person.”

He added, “And boring people are not popular.”

Kate is ‘extremely fascinating’

Rosas continued to break down the Kate Middleton-Meghan Markle comparison. He pointed out how Kate, even though she “lives a very public life,” is remarkably private about her personal life.

Meghan, he said, “has talked so much about herself, about her personal life, that she has been slowly erasing any mystery that she could inspire in the same way Kate does.”

He added, “Meghan has played the victim to elicit a response.”

Rosas noted that a celebrity’s “popularity just crumbles to the ground” when any “personal dramas” become the focus. “Every personal aspect of your life that you reveal reduces your mystery and how interesting you are perceived,” he explained.

Rosas admitted that “it’s never fair to compare people, but it’s really hard not to compare both duchesses.” In the end, he shared that Kate was found more popular because “even if she has an absolutely public role as part of the royal family, she’s really private about her personal life and that is extremely fascinating to anyone.”

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