Kate Middleton Was Overjoyed by Seeing Prince William ‘Clearly Struggling’ With a Task, Body Language Expert Says

Experts agree that Kate Middleton seems like a highly supportive wife to Prince William, but the couple also has a competitive side. And she once let her joy show when her royal husband was “clearly struggling” with something she’d been able to do herself.

Read on to learn about some of their rivalrous displays and the sport at which William allegedly said he couldn’t beat Kate. Plus, what he had a hard time doing when she “doubled over” in laughter.

Kate Middleton, pictured with Prince William in Jamaica, found joy in watching her husband 'struggling' with a task, according to an expert.
Kate Middleton and Prince William | Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince Willliam have a competitive side

William and Kate don’t always shy away from a friendly contest between spouses. They even competed in a short relay race with Prince Harry while visiting training for the London Marathon. A video shared by The Royal Family Channel shows Harry won, with William in second and Kate in third.

But there’s one sport where William allegedly said he knows his proficient wife will always beat him, every time. A source told Daily Mail (per Cambridgeshire Live), “They play tennis against each other. William told me he couldn’t beat her.”

Kate Middleton ‘doubled in laughter’ when Prince William was ‘clearly struggling’ to grind cocoa beans

According to one analyst, Kate’s competitive side took over while the couple was on a royal tour in the Caribbean. And she couldn’t hide her delight when William struggled with something she’d succeeded in.

Body language expert Judi James told Express there was “a return of their famously competitive traits as Kate doubles in laughter as her husband tries to grind some cocoa beans, clearly struggling whereas she had been quite successful in the same task.”

“It’s Kate’s wonderful, close-up smile of affection and approval as she looks up at her husband’s face that really steals the show, though,” she added.

According to James, the future king “couldn’t want a better signal of morale-boosting support and love on this very important royal tour.”

“The puckering around his own mouth shows he’s noted it and is subtly pinging his own reply back,” she offered.

Prince William and Kate Middleton visit Che'il Mayan Chocolate Factory on March 20, 2022 in Indian Creek, Belize.
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Royal Expert Explains Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Public Appeal: ‘They’re Drawn to Them’

Prince William and Kate Middleton have a ‘unique skill’ and ‘strong, silent tie sign’ as a couple, per expert

According to James, William and Kate stand out among senior royals. “The unique skill that this couple have as top-tier royals is their willingness and skill to get stuck in, so hopefully they will get some more challenging tasks to show their active side,” she explained to Express.

James also said that the couple’s bond shows through their body language, even if they don’t always engage in other affection like hand-holding. “They use their usual mirroring techniques here, showing like-minded thinking,” she noted.

“And there is the very strong, silent tie-sign as William tentatively samples the food that Kate already has a mouthful of while she watches him carefully to see if he approves,” James added.