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Amid quarantine and Megxit, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has truly embraced her role as one of the British royal family‘s remaining senior royals. Though Kate and Prince William have been married for nearly a decade, and the duchess has been in the royal orbit for nearly 20 years, it seems that she’s just recently finding her stride.

Kate has always been beloved and embraced by the British press and public. However, due to her lengthy courtship with the prince and even leading into the early years of their marriage, she was not as active in taking on royal duties and engagements.

Now that Kate has stepped up in a major way, she’s been committed to presenting a certain image of herself to the royal fans. However, one insider says she’s very different behind closed doors.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge| Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton is now a major power player in the British royal family

While members of the British royal family knew that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry struggled with the spotlight and within their roles, no one could have anticipated that they would leave royal life behind altogether.

Having to pick up the slack for the Sussexes and from the ousted Prince Andrew, Kate has become a major power player in the British royal family. “There has been a change in her [Kate’s] body language rituals recently, suggesting changes in her life or attitude. She seems more confident projecting herself as a ‘stand-alone’ royal…” royal expert Judi James told Express.

Though she is seemingly reserved and not as outgoing as her in-laws, the duchess still has a take-charge personality, which has shone through. “I love how Kate took charge on the call, introducing both of them,” Mollard noted about the duchess’ May 2020 call with the Casterton Primary Academy school during the Royals podcast. “It gave you an insight into what she must be like at home. I think she’s supremely organized; I think she’s the boss in the relationship. She sort of led the conversation, but in a nice way. She’s the boss in that mother of three children who does 50 million things a day.”

Kate Middleton thinks royal tradition is extremly important

When she married into the royal family, Kate was never looking to shake the table. Instead, she focused on fitting in with tradition while making sure her passions remained at the forefront.

“She knows the importance of the institution and her role to play,” an insider told People. “She knows that being a member of the royal family is a bit like having a contract, you sign on the dotted line and you deliver Kate is in her element right now, she’s really stuck at it and persevered with what she believes in.”


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Kate Middleton acts very different behind closed doors

Though she has a traditional “English rose” approach to royal life in public, the duchess is a boss behind closed doors. An alleged friend of Kate’s told People that she is “very chilled at home.” They added,

[The Cambridges] are a normal, busy family home with kids running around and knocking things over. There’s no airs and graces. When you see her behind closed doors with the children, she’s a very confident mom, and she’s no pushover. The children get told off if they act up.

The insider also added that Kate had a very casual style at home and is often seen in her gym clothes with a ponytail. She is apparently very focused on her children’s upbringing. “She is doing that to help her children be more grounded and keep their reality in check,” the source said. “That’s what really matters to her.”