Kate Middleton: 8 Photos of the Duchess of Cambridge With Animals

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge loves animals. 

When the 38-year-old comes across dogs, cats, or other animals in her role as a senior member of the British royal family, she’s been known to really take to them. Ahead, check out eight sweet moments Catherine has shared with animals. 

She’s fed multiple baby animals

During a royal tour of India and Bhutan in 2016, Catherine (and her husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge) got the opportunity to feed wildlife at a rehabilitation and conservation center. 

She fed a baby elephant and took to it like a pro. 

Kate Middleton feeding a baby elephant | Arthur Edwards – Pool/Getty Images

If that wasn’t enough, the Duchess of Cambridge got to repeat the adorable experience once again with a baby rhino. 

Kate Middleton feeding a baby rhino
Kate Middleton feeding a baby rhino | Samir Hussein/Pool/WireImage

On another occasion in 2017, Catherine bottle-fed a lamb.

Kate Middleton and a lamb
Kate Middleton and a lamb | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Kate Middleton loves dogs 

Fitting right in with the rest of the royal family, Catherine really likes dogs. When she and William, Duke of Cambridge were still only dating, she showed up to a polo match with a dog. See her standing with Harry, Duke of Sussex’s then-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, and the adorable canine, below. 

Kate Middleton and Chelsy Davy at a polo match
Kate Middleton and Chelsy Davy at a polo match  | Indigo/Getty Images

Catherine and William got a dog of their own, Lupo, who remains a treasured part of their family. An English Cocker Spaniel, Lupo’s breed is a departure from Queen Elizabeth II’s known affinity for Corgis. Below, see Catherine and a very well behaved Lupo at a polo match in 2012.

Kate Middleton and Lupo
Kate Middleton and Lupo | Indigo/Getty Images

The adorable dog has even made appearances in Cambridge family photos. Royal watchers might remember William and Catherine’s oldest son, Prince George of Cambridge, offering Lupo ice cream in a portrait released in honor of the young royal’s birthday. 

Just because the royal family is known for being made up of “dog people,” that doesn’t mean cats don’t get some love too. In 2016, Catherine attended the premiere of the movie, A Street Cat Named Bob, where she sported an ear-to-ear grin while meeting Bob the cat. 

Kate Middleton and a cat
Kate Middleton and a cat | Richard Pohle – WPA Pool/Getty Images

She visited a farm to promote her survey on children

As part of her tour of the U.K. to promote her 5 Big Questions on the Under-Fives survey, Catherine made a visit to Ark Open Farm on Feb. 12, 2020, where she encountered a number of animals.

She met an Alpaca and, judging by her face in this photo, really enjoyed the experience.

Kate Middleton and an Alpaca
Kate Middleton and an Alpaca | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

On the same visit, she got up close with a snake.

Kate Middleton and a snake
Kate Middleton and a snake| LIAM MCBURNEY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

She looked much more relaxed compared to a similar situation William had with a much larger snake during a 2010 visit to Africa with Harry. 

Clearly, Catherine has come across all kinds of animals in her life and she’s very fond of them. Whenever she meets animals in her role as the Duchess of Cambridge she appears relaxed and right at home. Here’s hoping we’ll see more photos of Catherine with animals in the future!