Kate Middleton Pregnant With Baby No 4? The Duchess Revealed She Wants Louis To Have A Playmate

Kate Middleton recently had her third baby with Prince William, but inside sources claim the Duchess of Cambridge is looking to expand the royal family yet again. Middleton has not confirmed the reports that she wants baby number four, but there is good reason to believe that she is not done having children just yet. Here are all the reasons Middleton wants baby Louis to have a playmate.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage

Middleton has a desire for more children

Reports surfaced earlier this month about how Middleton desires another baby, no matter the cost. The Duchess famously suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum but is willing to tolerate the pain for another child. She is also fighting rumors that William cheated on her with a family friend. Despite these obstacles, Kate Middleton will reportedly do anything to give Louis a younger brother or sister.

“Catherine would like another baby,” an insider dished. “She loves children and is prepared to put herself through another pregnancy even though they have been complicated by severe morning sickness in the past.”

There is also the idea that watching Meghan Markle welcome her first child with Prince Harry has sparked baby fever in Middleton. Markle gave birth to a baby boy, Archie Harrison, last month.

Markle’s son was born around a year after Middleton delivered her third baby, Louis. The event took over headlines around the world and sparked rumors that Middleton will want to expand the family after seeing her in-laws have their child.

When will Kate Middleton get pregnant?

If the rumors are true, there is a chance that Middleton will get pregnant before the year is out. If she does get pregnant this year, then that would push the birth to sometime in 2020. The biggest thing to take into consideration is making sure that Middleton can safely get pregnant.

According to Business Times, the World Health Organization argues that women should wait at least 18 to 24 months between births. If Middleton follows that standard, then she is not eligible to get pregnant until October.

Whatever happens, insiders remain adamant that Middleton wants Louis to have a younger sibling. Middleton has watched her two other children grow up and develop a close bond with each other over the years. She reportedly wants the same thing for Louis, who may be too young to bond with his older siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Kate Middleton, of course, has not commented on the pregnancy rumors, though royal watchers are convinced that she will make an announcement this fall.

Is Middleton already pregnant with her fourth child?

While it would be wise for Middleton to wait a few months, some fans are convinced that she is already expecting. Middleton did not wait the recommended 18 months when she had her first two children and everything turned out just fine.

There is also some speculation that Kate Middleton wants to ride the publicity of Harry and Markle’s recent birth by announcing her own pregnancy as quickly as possible. There is no denying that this would give Middleton and William a bump in the press. It would also take some attention off the other rumors that have been plaguing the royal family as of late.

For reference, Princess Charlotte was conceived around a year after Middleton gave birth to Prince George. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge delivered Charlotte a little over 21 months after she had George.

Prince Louis, on the other hand, was born right before Charlotte celebrated her second birthday. There is no telling if Kate Middleton is already pregnant or not, but it sounds like she is very eager to have her fourth child with William.

Harry and Markle welcome their first child

While we wait to hear more on the baby fever front, Harry and Markle are still adjusting to life as new parents. The former Suits star gave birth to her first child last month. Markle had a healthy birth and, unlike Middleton, is believed to have had a relatively smooth pregnancy.

Shortly after the delivery, Harry and Markle confirmed the exciting news on social media and later moved to their new home near Windsor Castle. It is unclear if the couple plans on having any additional children.

The royal family has not commented on the rumors surrounding Kate Middleton and Prince William.