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Kate Middleton is a popular royal among members of the public. However, some sources believe she did not always get along with other royals.

According to a body language expert, there was one moment during the royal family’s 2011 Christmas celebration that showed “possible friction” between the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Eugenie.

Kate Middleton wearing a dark outfit with a green scarf, Princess Eugenie wearing a red outfit and a dark blue fascinator
(L) Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images, (R) Princess Eugenie | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton celebrated Christmas with the royals for the first time in 2011

Kate married Prince William in April 2011 and officially became a part of the royal family. Although Kate dated William for around 10 years before their marriage, she was not invited to celebrate Christmas with the royals until after the couple tied the knot.

As such, December 2011 was her first time spending Christmas with the royals. Every year, the royals gather at Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate, where they partake in family traditions together, such as hunting, attending church services, and opening gag gifts.

Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenie showed ‘possible friction,’ according to expert

During Kate’s first royal Christmas, many fans and reporters gathered at St. Mary Magdalene Church to see the royals before and after their church services.

In one clip, Kate could be seen walking down the steps of the church and suddenly got passed by Eugenie. Then, Kate flicked her hair and went to greet fans who were waiting. According to Express, the clip was analyzed by body language expert Judi James. 

“Taken at face value, there seem to be reasons why this is suggested as a sign of possible friction or frostiness from Princess Eugenie to Kate at this stage in their relationship,” James said. “Eugenie clearly wears an unsmiling expression despite the fact the other royals seem to be in full social smile mode. Kate is in front but William seems to be turning back towards his cousin who suddenly sets to get past Kate and walk off in front.”

James added, “We can’t see from this clip if there was any push or even touch from Eugenie as she goes past Kate’s part-turned torso. So if the rumors are true it would need to have occurred if Eugenie’s elbow or arm touched Kate’s back.”

However, James shared that Kate displayed “very charming body language” by continuing on and “brushing off any problems,” as indicated by the “hair-flick gesture.”

Princess Eugenie could have been ‘dashing’ for other reasons, James explained


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While some people might want to read the clip as Eugenie trying to snub Kate, James clarified that there could have been other explanations, such as Eugenie trying to get somewhere in a hurry.

“Of course, there could be other sides to this narrative, with Eugenie maybe dashing to get into her car,” James said. “But with her rather grim facial expression and Kate’s apparent look of surprise followed by a checking gaze, it’s odd there was no smiling response of apology here during Eugenie’s sudden urgent dash.”