Kate Middleton’s Relationship With Prince Harry is Now ‘Frosty’ Says Body Language Expert

Kate Middleton seemed to have a close relationship with Prince Harry when she first joined the royal family. However, things now seem distant, according to a body language expert. Here’s how their relationship reportedly changed over the years.

Prince Harry reportedly referred to Kate Middleton as the sister he never had

Prince William sits with Kate Middleton and Prince Harry.
Prince William with Kate Middleton and Prince Harry | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Prince Harry reportedly said Kate was like a sister. At one time, the two seemed very close.  A Newsweek article says Harry didn’t have someone he could lean on for emotional support after the death of his mother, Princess Diana. According to the article, Kate helped “fill the gap” when it came to providing support.

Harry was so close to Kate that he used to visit her and William at Kensington Palace for dinner, says Newsweek. Harry reportedly enjoyed her roast chicken.

Kate Middleton’s relationship with Prince Harry is now ‘frosty’ according to a body language expert

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According to a body language expert, things have drastically changed between Kate and Harry. The Princess of Wales and Duke of Sussex seem to be distant.

“Kate’s closest friendship in the royal family is, sadly, one that only exists only in the past tense,” body language expert Judi James tells Express. “Her strongest relationship signals, apart from with [Prince William], were always with Harry. He was “the man who called her his ‘Big Sister’ and the royal with whom she appeared most relaxed and able to reveal her fun side.”

Unfortunately, their warm relationship seemed to cool over the years. “Sadly, their future appearances became frosty and distanced, one of the biggest casualties of the rift between the brothers,” adds James in her Express interview.

James points out that Kate and Harry have “hardly looked at each other in public, let alone spoken” since Prince Philip’s funeral. “Since Prince Phillips’ funeral, Harry and Kate have not been pictured together in public, aside from a royal walkabout after the Queen’s death,” adds James. “This is despite both having attended the National Service of Thanksgiving over the Queen’s Jubilee weekend.”

Kate Middleton reportedly gets along well with other members of the royal family

Kate Middleton reportedly has a good relationship with other members of the royal family such as Queen Camilla and King Charles. In her book Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort, royal biographer Angela Levin describes the relationship that Kate and William have with Camilla as “very grown up.”

Levin says Kate joined Queen Camilla and King Charles III for an event in February 2020. This was a demonstration of “family unity,” according to Levin. She believes this outing showed that the four of them are “happy and willing” to lead the monarchy since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped away from their duties as senior royals in 2020.

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