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There is something to be said about thriving in the British royal family long term. As we’ve seen over the years, living in the royal spotlight is not for the faint of heart. It requires near-constant perfection and one must be able to withstand any rumors thrown their way without reacting to them.

Since stepping into her role as the Sovereign Monarch at age 25, Queen Elizabeth II has learned to separate her professional life from her personal one. She has always remained poised and well -put together despite any scandals or issues that might be swirling around her.

Likewise, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has taken her time to understand the intricacies of royal life. She and Prince William dated for nearly 10 years and have been married for almost a decade. Though she was initially tense around the queen, Kate has always admired the Sovereign monarch. In fact, in recent months, the queen and the duchess’ relationship has shifted even more.

Kate Middleton used to feel tense around Queen Elizabeth

The Duchess of Cambridge is generally a reserved woman who learned to put her head down, learn about royal life, and move for there. Despite the fact that she and the prince dated for years, it took some time before she was at ease around the queen.

Certainly, anyone would be intimated by the queen. However, Kate also knew that her initial lack of focus and questionable work ethic made Prince William’s grandmother uncertain about her.

“Her first outings with the Queen showed some clear signals of anxiety and tension from Kate in between the smiles and moments of conversation, resulting in some rather rigid poses and tense facial expressions,” body language expert Judi James explained to Express. According to James, Kate anxiety was clear in those early years since her “signature dimpled smile” was nowhere to be found.

Kate Middleton models her royal life after Queen Elizabeth

Now, as Kate has settled in, especially following Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s royal exit, she has become a force in the royal family and a master in her role as the future Queen Consort.

“I’ve spent quite a lot of time around Kate and she is impenetrable,” a source told Tatler Magazine. “There is nothing to like or dislike. She has a ruthless survival streak, just like the House of Windsor. It’s why she is so well suited. She keeps her head down because the prize of being queen is so great. She models herself on the Queen and now speaks like the Queen.”

This seems like the ideal way to live as a royal family member. As Queen Elizabeth eventually steps back, she must make sure that Kate and Prince William will be able to lead the royal family into a new era.


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Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton’s relationship has changed because of the pandemic

With Queen Elizabeth and the older royals in isolation amid the pandemic, Kate and Prince William have had to step in. As a result, the duchess’ relationship with the queen has changed drastically. An insider told US Weekly,

These are strange times for everyone, senior royals included, and having Kate as her rock has made it so much easier for the queen to adapt to her new life at Windsor. More than anything, knowing she can rely on Kate and Prince William to handle matters in her absence is the greatest comfort she could ask for. Her Majesty sees the Cambridges as the future of the monarchy and trusts Kate and William’s judgment implicitly. The queen’s more than happy to impart her wisdom—she’s proud to be Catherine’s go-to adviser about royal life.