Kate Middleton Reportedly Broke Royal Protocol When She Took a Selfie During a Recent Trip

Prince William and Kate Middleton are settling into their new roles as Prince and Princess of Wales. The couple recently visited the town of Scarborough. During their trip they greeted well-wishers and showed their appreciation. Middleton was seen taking selfies with some of the people in the crowd. Although it was a kind gesture, Kate reportedly broke royal family protocol.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Scarborough trip

Kate Middleton and Prince William stand side-by-side in Scarborough.
Kate Middleton and Prince William | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William visited Scarborough. They were there to launch an initiative focused on improving young people’s mental health. Children had a chance to meet with the prince and princess.

“I think, particularly on the mental health side of things, tackling that stigma, talking about mental health and providing services throughout the community are crucial to how we go forward and deal with mental health issues that many, many people face,” said William after the Scarborough tour (via BBC).

“Showing what can be done when a community comes together collaboratively is really something we’d like to follow on and be represented more widely across the country—you’re leading where I hope others will follow,” added William.

Kate Middleton took selfies, reportedly breaking royal protocol

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Kate is known for her warmth toward the public. People seem to gravitate toward her whenever she participates in a public engagement. At one point, someone in the crowd put his arm around her, and she seemed to take it in stride. This isn’t the first time someone reached out and put an arm around Kate. Basketball player LeBron James famously put his arm around the princess, causing quite a stir. Members of the royal family typically initiate contact first, reports CBS News.

Royals are reportedly not allowed to take selfies. However, Kate broke protocol and took selfies with well-wishers while she and Prince William visited Scarborough.

Prince Harry isn’t a fan of selfies. A few years ago, when he was at the Australian War Memorial, a teenager reportedly asked him to take a selfie with her. However, Harry didn’t think it was a good idea, stating he “hated” selfies. “No, I hate selfies,” said Harry (via The Telegraph). “Seriously, you need to get out of it. I know you’re young, but selfies are bad.”

Why royals aren’t allowed to take selfies

Kate Middleton takes selfies with two well-wishers during her Scarborough, England trip.
Kate Middleton with two well-wishers | Charlotte Graham-WPA Pool/Getty Images

The rules have likely relaxed since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but royals reportedly aren’t allowed to take selfies because it is seen as disrespectful. New Zealand resident Andrew Agnew told Insider he attended one of the late queen’s garden parties, and he was made aware of the no-selfie rule.

“The one thing they talked about a lot was no selfies, and the reason was that they didn’t want people turning their backs to the royal family and the queen,” says Agnew. “And that was very important to them.”

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