Kate Middleton Revealed Prince George’s Favorite Movie and It’s Adorable

As third in line to the British throne, Prince George is a pretty big deal. Royal watchers are obsessed with his every move — and now that he’s getting old enough to make some decisions on his own, we’re even more captivated with him.

In a lot of ways, George lives an extraordinary life. But he’s just like a lot of other kids his age when it comes to one thing in particular: his taste in movies.

Here’s everything we know about George’s budding love of cinema, including what his absolute favorite movie is right now (page 6).

1. Prince George shares his father’s love of film

Prince William and George exit church
Prince George appreciates movies, just like his dad, Prince William. | Andrew Matthews/AFP/Getty Images

If George grows up to be a major cinephile, he’ll have his father to thank. Prince William is reportedly a bit of a movie nerd, as is his brother Harry.

In fact, they’re so into the Star Wars franchise that they almost finagled cameos as Stormtroopers in 2017’s The Last Jedi. Alas, the royal brothers proved to be too tall to blend in with their fellow Imperial soldiers.

At least William has a movie (and TV) watching buddy at home. And they have plenty to keep them busy, since George apparently has a long list of must-see titles.

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2. The Lion King

The Lion King
Do you think Prince George loves to sing “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” like the rest of us? | Disney

According to William, George has a few go-to flicks that he loves to watch. And one of them just happens to be a ‘90s animated classic. “He quite likes The Lion King, we’ve watched that a few times,” William told a young passenger aboard the Paddington Express in Oct. 2017.

Of course, why wouldn’t George enjoy the Disney hit? There’s music, gorgeous animation, and of course, the story of a young prince that will someday grow up to be king.

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3. Octonauts

Octonauts is an adorable kid’s show about animal heroes under the sea. | CBeebies

George is enough of a film fan to know that these days, some TV programs are every bit as good as what we see on the big screen. Of course, he’s not quite old enough to dig into prestige television favorites like The Sopranos.

But according to William, he has taken interest in another program. George is a big fan of the British children’s TV series Octonauts. And though his parents are trying to limit his screen time, it’s likely that he’s probably had a chance to binge an episode or two.

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4. Lego movies

The Lego Movie
What child (or adult) could pass up the good time that is The Lego Movie? | Warner Animation Group

George isn’t just sticking with old-school Disney and kid-friendly TV, though. He also appears to be smitten with some newer classics.

In October 2017, William confirmed that his son is also a fan of the Lego movies. It’s not clear if he means the big screen hits, like The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie, or the straight-to-video fare.

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5. Paddington

It’s not surprising that Prince George likes this English film. | StudioCanal

George has shown that he’s got versatile taste for a young cinephile. Because in addition to the other hits in his Netflix queue, he’s also got a soft spot for Paddington.

To be fair, it’s hard not to fall in love with the gentle sweetness of one of Britain’s most beloved bears. But it definitely speaks highly of the likely future monarch that he’s willing to embrace his softer side.

But, as his current favorite movie illustrates, he’s also got a real eye for artistry.

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6. Coco

Coco is a sweet movie about family, which anyone can enjoy. | Pixar

According to Kate Middleton, George has taken a particular liking to one film recently. She announced at the 2018 BAFTA Awards that Netflix’s Coco was “up there” as a favorite film for the young royal.

As well it should be. The Oscar-winning film isn’t just a visual wonder, it also sends a great message about the importance of family and being true to yourself.

George’s taste in movies is indisputably awesome. And it turns out, he may be sharing his love of film with yet another family member.

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7. The royal family has another budding Disney fan

Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte is a cinefile in the making. | Kensington Royal via Instagram

George and William aren’t the only royals who’ve taken a liking to Disney’s catalog. According to Kate, Princess Charlotte has also developed an obsession with Disney Princesses.

At the moment, she’s more interested in playing with the dolls than watching their films. But given her family’s love of movies, it may not be long before George has another person to discuss the finer points of cinema with.

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