Is Kate Middleton Singlehandedly Saving the British Monarchy?

It’s no secret that members of the royal family are constantly in the spotlight, and every move they make is scrutinized. Fans and the media are quick to comment on family members’ words and actions, and pretty much talk about everything that has to do with the royals. For Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the pressure is certainly a little more intense, given that she is married to a future king.

As the wife of Prince William, who is currently second in line to the British throne, Middleton has spent more than a decade preparing for her role as a future queen consort, and most would agree that she is doing wonderfully.

Kate Middleton smiling
Kate Middleton | Visionhaus/Getty Images

Although the royals are quite arguably one of the most famous families in the entire world, there still is – and always has been – a fair amount of drama surrounding them. So, is Kate Middleton singlehandedly saving the British Monarchy?

Kate Middleton has helped shape the modern royal family

Most people can’t imagine constantly being in the public eye, and Middleton didn’t come from a famous family. Until meeting Prince William, she never had to deal with being photographed, watched and talked about, and chances are, it took some getting used to.

According to Vogue, the Duchess of Cambridge eased into royal life slowly, especially early on. After marrying her prince, Middleton rarely spoke publicly and didn’t make nearly as many appearances as she does nowadays.

It actually got to the point where the newly married duchess was criticized in The Daily Beast, with people wondering why she didn’t do interviews or even talk much at all, and she was actually given the nickname “Duchess Dolittle.”

However, Middleton has been seen in public frequently as she prepares for her role as queen consort. The Duchess has worked with children’s organizations and led a photography project in the early days of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Kate Middleton is a powerful figure in the British Monarchy

So, is Middleton, who at one point in her life had no idea that she would become one of the most famous women in the entire world, somehow singlehandedly saving the British Monarchy? According to Page Six, she just might be!

Author Tina Brown says that the “future of the British monarchy rests on the ‘slim shoulders’ of Middleton” and firmly believes that “the royal family would fall apart if it weren’t for the Duchess of Cambridge.”

Brown believes that Middleton worked hard to become who she is today, and it wasn’t easy. Of course, Prince William helped contribute to his wife’s success, not rushing into marriage and making sure Middleton was completely ready to pursue her new role as a senior member of the royal family.

She was well-trained and conditioned to become a duchess and knew exactly what she was getting herself into before marriage. According to Brown, Middleton’s relationship with Britain’s future king “survived an obstacle course of potential pitfalls,” and even after more than a decade, she is committed to being her best every single day.

Kate Middleton is the future queen consort

While it’s impossible to say if the future queen consort had a strategy from the very beginning or if she simply overcame her shyness, she spent the last 11 years emerging as a shining star of the royal family. In fact, even with the occasional royal scandal, Kate manages to stay away from the drama, and she never really finds herself in any sort of trouble.

Marie Claire can report that the descendants of Queen Elizabeth are one of the most talked-about groups of people in the world and that Middleton has been credited with “keeping the family afloat” in recent years. So, how did the quiet, shy girl that Prince William met during his college years manage to become one of the most well-liked royals in modern history?

According to Express, she has kept herself as one of the most “visible” family members and has just the right amount of confidence needed to make her the perfect future queen consort. In fact, Marie Claire even reports that the duchess is “friendly, approachable, and up with the times.”

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