Kate Middleton Is Such a ‘Natural’ With Children That a Daycare Center Offered Her a Job

Not every royal family member loves being around children, but Kate Middleton is a natural. The way the Princess of Wales lights up at the sight of a gaggle of kids suggests the little ones have a special place in her heart.

Whether dealing with her offspring or not, Kate always seems to have an affectionate smile for a child. And after she visited a daycare center while performing her royal duties, she was so “brilliant” that she left the facility with a job offer.

Kate Middleton, pictured with Prince William and school children in 2022, received a job offer from a daycare for her 'natural' way with kids.
Kate Middleton and Prince William | Joe Giddens/PA Images/Getty Images

Children are part of the royal duties cut out for ‘natural’ Kate Middleton

Kate frequently works with or for the benefit of children. And she’s earned the nickname the “Children’s Princess” due to her seeming adoration for them.

In 2022, she visited the Little Village, part of a London baby bank, to meet with staff and families. While there, she “helped to pick out some beautiful items of clothing” for a family’s two young children. She also took time with the individuals she met to learn about the organization’s work, their CEO said (per People).

One volunteer reported that Kate “showed a lot of empathy and care about the work Little Village are doing.”

“She was lovely and engaging and was keen to hear about how families feel when they visit our baby bank,” they explained. “She was very interested in hearing about how much thought and care goes into the bundles we prepare for families.”

Kate Middleton was such a ‘natural’ at a daycare center that she left the building with a job offer

As part of her royal duties, Kate visited a daycare in South Wales in January 2020. Vanity Fair reported, “The center provides support services to children and their families, including services to special needs children, adult education, parenting support, and community education teams.”

While there, Kate met with some kids, participated in drawing time, and even said hello to the pet guinea pigs. The head of the center, Carolyn Asante, told Vanity Fair that Middleton was “a natural” with the children.

“She was so brilliant I even offered her a job,” Asante shared.

Kate Middleton cherishes her children, just like any parent

One thing Kate reportedly strives for in her life as a mother is creating everyday happiness and lasting memories, as most parents hope to do for their children. William grew up in the fishbowl that is royal life, and the Prince and Princess of Wales hope their three children will have a different type of childhood.

While visiting that daycare center in Wales, Kate spoke about her children and how they related to her work. “As a parent, I know how much we cherish the future health and happiness of our children,” she explained (per Vanity Fair).

She added, “I want to hear the key issues affecting families and communities so I can focus my work on where it is needed most. My ambition is to provide lasting change for generations to come.”

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