Kate Middleton Uses Secret Code Words to Communicate With Her Kids in Public

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge might be one of the most high-profile women in the entire world, but above all, her main focus is being an excellent mom to her three children. We love seeing how she interacts with them, and it is obvious that her world revolves around Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Although Kate is devoted to giving her children a normal upbringing, the truth is that she has to find unique ways to converse with them when she knows that the cameras are flashing. While the royal children are used to the massive amounts of attention that they receive, there are likely still times when life in the royal spotlight can be a bit overwhelming for them, and they might not always want to be on their best behavior.

Because of this, the future queen has to resort to creative parenting to speak to her children, especially when the entire world is watching. What many fans may not be aware of is that Kate actually uses secret code words to communicate with her kids in public.

The adorable Cambridge children

It is not often that we see Kate and Prince William’s children at royal events. But when we do, it is an absolute delight.

So, who are the three young royal children? According to Popsugar, Prince George Alexander Louis is the oldest, and he is third in line to the British throne. Born in 2013, the future king is a smart boy with a strong personality and is an excellent big brother to his two siblings.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born in 2015, and she is easily the silliest of the three Cambridge children. As the only girl in the family, it is likely Princess Charlotte knows just how special she is, and has been seen in photographs making hilarious faces and acting as cute as can be. We know that Charlotte is a typical child of her age, and enjoys playdates at Kensington Palace with her closest friends from school.

The youngest of Prince William and Kate’s kids is Prince Louis Arthur Charles, born in 2018. As fifth in line to the throne, the small child is always seen with an adorable smile, looking as happy as can be and truly enjoying being with the rest of the family.

What is Kate Middleton like as a mom?

Just because she is married to the future king doesn’t mean that Kate is not a typical mom to her kids. Today’s Parent reports that she is just like the rest of us when it comes to parenting, doing things that moms around the world can all relate to.

Kate drops off her children at school and picks them up whenever she can, and even makes dinner for them on a regular basis, rather than relying on professional chefs. The Duchess of Cambridge has been known to calm her children when they are upset and goes out of her way to make sure that all three of the kids are as happy as possible.

Kate Middleton uses secret code words to communicate with her kids in public

Kate Middleton joins families and children who are supported by the charity Family Action at Peterley Manor Farm.
Kate, Duchess of Cambridge | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

While other moms can usually pull their children aside and give them a quick scolding when they are misbehaving in public, it isn’t so easy for Kate since she is constantly being photographed. The last thing she wants is to be caught on camera disciplining her kids, which is why she uses code words to communicate with her kids when they are on a public outing.

According to Marie Claire, the royal mom lets the children know that they need to keep their behavior in check by using phrases such as “let’s take a break.” This is her way of telling them that things are getting a bit out of hand and it is time to get things under control.

She also uses physical contact to communicate with her children.

“She seems to be good at making warm contact ‘touch to the head’ which is a nice connection,” Dr. Rebecca Chicot, founder of Essential Parent and the author of the Calm and Happy Toddler, told The Sun. “She gets down to their level to talk to them but let’s them be children. She has a lovely balance of sensitivity and gentle boundaries. She doesn’t expect them to behave like little adults and knows that children go through perfectly natural stages like tantrums.”