Kate Middleton Was a Girl Scout; Now Prince George and Princess Charlotte Are Following The Same Tradition

Before she was Duchess of Cambridge and wife of the future King of England, Kate Middleton had a very different kind of duty: She was a Girl Scout.

The British version of Girl Scouts are called Girl Guides, and apparently Kate Middleton is extremely supportive of their mission. So supportive that she fully expects Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and eventually even Prince Louis to join their ranks one day.

Recently, Middleton made a lot of new friends while testing out a pilot scouting program for younger participants who are between the ages of 4 and 6. The new program would be ideal for Prince William and Kate Middelton’s two older children.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Eddie Mulholland/AFP/Getty Images

Was Kate Middleton a Girl Scout?

During a recent event with the Girl Guides, Kate Middleton shared that she’d like to sign Prince George and Princess Charlotte up immediately so they can “follow in her footsteps.” When Middleton was a young girl, she was a Brownie Scout.

According to People, 14-year-old Lauren Noble spoke to the Duchess during the event. “She said she would like them to go into the scouting community because she loves what it stands for — that it’s a very open and inclusive way into life,” Noble explained. “She said it would be a great thing for them to get involved in.”

What does Kate Middleton hope her kids learn from scouting?

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Like so many other parents who sign their children up for scouting, Prince William and Kate Middleton are hoping it will teach her kids responsibility and to have good character. Never one to spoil her children, the Duchess of Cambridge was apparently inspired by the work the Girl Guides were doing and how many badges they earned.

“She said it was very impressive that they’d done so much at such a young age and how many skills they could learn,” Noble said.

Would Kate Middleton ever be a Girl Guide leader?

While the Duchess of Cambridge is surely busy with other engagements, it sounds like she’d make an excellent leader for the Girl Guides if she chose to be one. Event participants were amazed by how hands-on the Duchess was during the activities, including picking up leaves and branches outside and painting.

As People reported, another Girl Guide named Kameron Liddar was stunned by Middleton’s work ethic. “She got fully involved with the hand painting and ended up with a green hand. As a mum you can see she has the talents. She was very friendly with them [the kids] and knew what to do with them. She wasn’t afraid to get a little bit grubby,” Liddar marveled.

Kate Middleton | Eddie Mulholland/AFP/Getty Images)

Did the other Girl Guides get along with Kate Middleton?

During the event, participants reported that the Duchess of Cambridge was gracious, approachable, and refreshingly down-to-Earth. “I was nervous — we all were — but she was a normal humble human being. She made us feel comfortable,” 17-year-old Tahseen Patel said.

Patel explained that Kate Middleton is keen on unifying people of different cultures and helping to find common ground. “She emphasized how important it is to understand each other and learn about each other’s religion and cultures,” Patel said.

Sounds like the Girl Guides would be happy to have someone like Kate Middleton involved!