Kate Middleton Was Reportedly ‘Heartbroken’ When Queen Elizabeth Took to Meghan Markle So Quickly

Kate Middleton might be a royal fan favorite, but she was reportedly left heartbroken by how quickly Queen Elizabeth bonded with Meghan Markle. It took years for Her Majesty to warm up to Middleton, yet the monarch almost immediately took to Markle over their shared interests and sense of humor. To make things even worse, Middleton’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth is reportedly purely professional, despite her husband being second in line to the throne.

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Kate Middleton was reportedly ‘heartbroken’ over Meghan Markle’s quick relationship with Queen Elizabeth | Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Middleton reportedly heartbroken over Queen Elizabeth and Markle

Middleton’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth started off slow. When the future Duchess of Cambridge started dating Prince William, it took her over five years to meet his grandmother.

Markle, on the other hand, was invited to spend Christmas at Sandringham with the Queen before she was even officially part of the royal family. She also enjoyed her first public outing with Her Majesty a lot sooner than Middleton did.

This has led to speculation that Middleton was jealous of Markle’s fast introduction to the family. Although they keep up appearances in public, some royal experts also claim that Queen Elizabeth and Middleton do not share a close bond.

According to Express, royal expert Ingrid Seward revealed that Her Majesty has a lot of respect for Kate Middleton, but they aren’t close because they share almost zero common interests.

“The Queen admires Kate tremendously but does not have an intimate relationship with her as they don’t have much in common,” Seward shared.

Seward added that Middleton has more of a serious relationship with Queen Elizabeth, who avoids getting too close because she doesn’t want to risk the future of the monarchy. It also doesn’t help that the women do not have any similar hobbies or interests. They could bond over the experience of raising children, but that only takes them so far.

Inside Kate Middleton and Prince William’s early days

Prince William and Middleton’s rocky start is another reason why she didn’t get close to Queen Elizabeth.

The two were introduced at St. Andrews University in the early 2000s. They went public with their romance after graduation, though it wasn’t all smooth sailing from there.

Prince William and Middleton broke up several times before their engagement, most notably in 2007, three years before he popped the big question. At the time, inside sources claimed that Prince William was having doubts about Kate Middleton and that he voiced these concerns with his grandmother.

Prince William eventually figured things out and the two reignited their romance less than a year later. Even still, the rocky patch delayed Middleton’s meetup with Queen Elizabeth, who was waiting for the relationship to get serious.

While Middleton and Prince William continued dating, sources revealed that Her Majesty did not approve of her future daughter-in-law’s lack of a career.

Queen Elizabeth reportedly felt like Middleton should be doing more with her life, which probably didn’t sit well with the couple.

Kate Middleton, of course, eventually met the Queen and the two have developed a good bond over the years. But their relationship isn’t the same as what Queen Elizabeth shares with Markle.

Who is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite?

While Markle and Queen Elizabeth have hit off great, the former Suits star is hardly her favorite member of the royal family. Her Majesty is reportedly the closest to Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie. Insiders say that Countess of Wessex is very close to Her Majesty and that they get along the best out of everyone else.

When Markle first joined the royal family, Queen Elizabeth allegedly advised her to meet with Sophie, who has grown to become a mentor for Duchess of Sussex. A source recently claimed that Sophie makes frequent trips to Windsor, where she spends an awful lot of time with Markle, Prince Harry, and their newborn son, Archie Harrison.

Prince Harry and Markle moved near Windsor before giving birth to their son. The couple left their previous residence at Kensington Palace to live a quieter life in the country.

The Duchess of Cambridge has not commented on the reports surrounding her relationship with the Queen. While Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth might not be the closest of in-laws, they work closely together so that the Duchess of Cambridge will be prepared for the day when Prince William inherits the crown.