Kate Middleton’s Breakfast of Choice for George, Charlotte, and Louis Is Simple

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has long been praised for her poise, grace, and overall fit into the royal family and her likely future role as the Queen. The Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton lives her life under a very pronounced spotlight. The public is full of fans of the royal family who adore her and wait excitedly for glimpses into her daily personal life. At the same time, she’s aware that every move she makes will be scrutinized against standards of royal protocol and expectation

Even with all of this pressure, Middleton manages to stay above the fray and conduct herself in a way that is largely beyond reproach. The tiny details of her existence add up to a larger sense of her persona and responsibility, and even something as simple as making breakfast for her children is a topic of conversation. 

(L-R) Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, Prince George, Princess Charlotte
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, Prince George, Princess Charlotte | BBC Children in Need/Getty Images

Kate Middleton faces a lot of pressure

Not every member of the British royal family is popular with the public. The most recent years, in particular, have brought renewed drama to the family. When Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex made the unprecedented decision to step back from their royal duties amid cruel treatment by the press, it was clear that the pressure of being in this particular spotlight was serious. Middleton faces that pressure as well, but she has the benefit of being nearly universally beloved

Since her engagement to Prince William in 2010, Middleton has been charming the public at every turn. As they’ve added three young children to their quickly growing family, fans of the royal family have grown even more attached. Now that Prince Harry and Meghan’s departure is official and no longer captivating headlines, Prince William and Middleton have even more work to do as the primary faces of the younger generation of the royal line. 

Comparisons to Princess Diana abound

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One way that Middleton has to consider the pressures upon her is through the lens of her late mother-in-law, Prince William’s mother Princess Diana. Princess Diana was also a very beloved figure, and her tragic death that has been largely blamed on aggressive paparazzi puts the pressure from the press in even sharper focus. Middleton cannot escape comparisons to Princess Diana, and she has largely managed to use these comparisons to her advantage. 

A royal insider even went so far as to call Middleton “Princess Diana without the drama.” Like Princess Diana, Middleton is well-known for letting her personality shine through in the work that she does. Fans feel that she is authentic and personable. Another way that she has drawn comparisons to the late Princess is through her humanitarian efforts. Both women have done a lot to use their platform and status to raise attention for causes that are close to their hearts. 

Kate Middleton’s breakfast habits are simple

One way that Middleton is decidedly not like Princess Diana is in the kitchen. According to Us Weekly via MSN, Princess Diana was a terrible cook! “The princess was an awful cook. She didn’t like to cook at all in the kitchen,” a royal expert spilled. An effort to make pasta once resulted in a kitchen catastrophe. “I remember Monday morning she came into the kitchen and she said, ‘Darren, you won’t believe the weekend. I nearly set the whole palace on fire!'” the source recalled. 

Middleton, meanwhile, is a bit more adept in the kitchen. Still, she keeps things simple especially in the morning. With three young kids to feed, Middleton turns to a balanced breakfast of cereal and apples to keep the mornings running smoothly while still filling her kids up at the start of their busy days.