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According to one body language expert, Kate Middleton shares a connection with the public reminiscent of another icon people adored. Read on to learn which former royal family member that is and what qualities they share.

Kate Middleton, seen speaking to a child in 2022, has a connection with the public that is reminiscent of another beloved royal.
Kate Middleton | John Sibley/POOL/AFP/Getty Images

Kate Middleton has a connection to the public like Princess Diana did

A body language expert noted how Kate’s connection with the public is much like that of the late Princess Diana. “… [Kate] has no qualms when it comes to engaging and interacting with others from everyday walks of lives, much like Diana did,” Darren Stanton said on behalf of Betfair (per Marie Claire).

“You’ll notice that when Kate is interacting with others, she always shows fixed eye contact, her head often tilts to the left,” he explained, “these are signs that a person is taking in and carefully considering what the other is saying.

Stanton noted the Princess of Wales communicates through active listening. He added, “You can tell with Kate she is genuinely interested and soaking up every exchange she has while carrying out her duties.”

Then, he circled back to Diana, noting she showed the “same non-verbal behavior” in her interactions, pointing out that “genuine interest” is a “key similarity between the pair.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William have grown in confidence and connection as a couple

Stanton also said that Middleton’s influence has helped draw out the softer, more confident side of Prince William. “Over recent years William has really developed as a senior royal, as an empath and as a communicator, and part of that is thanks to his marriage to Kate Middleton,” he told Marie Claire.

“Kate has had a lot to do with building William’s confidence, especially during royal engagements and meeting other civil dignitaries,” he added. “Of course, becoming a father has given William a great deal of inner peace and tranquility and boosted his confidence in himself.”

Stanton pointed out that the Prince of Wales let go of a few nervous tendencies he once had after marrying Kate. “We no longer tend to see the jacket gesture so much these days and playing with his cufflinks has become a rare occurrence,” he explained.

He suggested, “… William has developed within his own skin and has become very much more comfortable in his future role as King.”

Prince William might have seen some of Princess Diana’s qualities in Kate Middleton


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William and Diana were close before her tragic death in 1997. And her influence is still apparent though he was only 15 when she died. “It’s clear from the way he carries himself that Diana plays an important and integral part in his life every day,” Stanton told Marie Claire.

The future king has “definitely inherited many of Diana’s character traits,” he added. And it’s not far-fetched to guess that William was looking for some of those characteristics in a partner, too. So, it’s likely no coincidence that some observers have noticed similarities between Kate and Diana.