Kate Middleton’s Favorite Beauty Products Are Affordable and Accessible

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is quite arguably one of the most gorgeous women in the entire world. A natural beauty, she looks great whenever we see her, and it almost seems as if there isn’t a style that she can’t pull off.

From her famous, bouncy hair, to her glowing skin, Kate makes looking perfect seem so easy. While many people might assume that as the future queen of England, Kate receives some expensive and luxurious beauty treatments on a regular basis, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Duchess of Cambridge is actually pretty down to earth, and her daily routine isn’t all that complicated. In fact, when she has a break from royal duties, Kate is usually seen in casual clothes, with her hair in a ponytail, and no makeup, and even then, she looks flawless.

The good news is that she uses things in everyday life that are as basic as can be. Let’s talk about how Kate’s favorite beauty products are affordable and accessible.

Kate Middleton’s favorite go-to looks

Kate Middleton visits the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre
Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

So, what are some of the looks that Kate has made famous? According to Town & Country, there are some pretty wonderful fashion statements that the duchess has been known to make.

When she is carrying out official royal duties, we often see Kate in a chic coat dress with her brown hair perfectly styled in a classic chignon updo.  She is famous for recycling outfits, and there are some amazing dresses that we have seen her in on more than one occasion.

Some of her go-to designers include Jenny Packham, Alexander McQueen, and Dolce & Gabbana, and we love seeing Kate step out in dresses and even pants from her favorite fashion houses. As we know, Kate is known for always keeping things classy, often sporting elegant skirt suits and evening gowns that are fit for a future queen. 

Does Kate Middleton have a stylist?

Does the Duchess of Cambridge wake up in the morning and choose her own outfits, or does she have a little help? Well, as it turns out, it is a little bit of both!

While she certainly gives some input on what she likes and doesn’t like, Harper’s Bazaar reports that Kate has a stylist that puts together looks for some of her most important events.

While the duchess also has some help from a makeup artist to help her look her best when she is making appearances, Kate famously did her own makeup for her 2011 wedding to Prince William, a bridal look that has been copied by millions of fans ever since.

Kate Middleton’s favorite beauty products are affordable and accessible

Now that we know what Kate’s go-to looks are, what are the beauty products that she uses in order to look so spectacular? It turns out that she has some favorites that are not only easy to score, but also very affordable!

Good Housekeeping reports that the duchess is a fan of some amazing finds that are less than $30. She loves Nivea moisturizer to keep her skin looking soft, and the Tangle Angel detangling brush for her bouncy blowout.

Not only that, but Kate also uses several other things such as Richard Ward’s cleanse and condition shampoo, which retails for under $15. Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom keeps her hair looking perfectly conditioned, and she uses the affordable Essie brand of nail polish.

Kate is a fan of Bobbi Brown lipstick in Sandwash Pink to perfectly highlight her pretty smile. She accents her amazing features with the shimmer brick highlighting kit from the same brand.

Now that we know what Kate’s favorite products are, it’s time to head to the store and get the royal look for ourselves.