Kate Middleton’s Hair Trick is a ’60s Classic

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is definitely a beauty icon. Everything that the Kate Middleton does is admired, and styles that she wears sell out in a matter of minutes. Even her makeup looks are widely copied, with everyone going for a fresh-faced, naturally glowing appearance just like Kate tends to do. The future queen certainly knows how to keep things as sophisticated as possible, and no matter what the occasion is, she knows how to dress the part. Known for things such as coat dresses, tailored suits, and bold colors, one of the best parts of any royal event is getting to see what Kate chooses to wear.

It is a fact that Kate is not only known for her clothes but her hair and jewelry as well. The duchess famously wears Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, and she has a collection of other pieces that are absolutely to die for. As far as Kate’s hair, she has big, bouncy locks, although she does step out in the occasional formal updo. When she wears her hair down, however, it is hard not to notice just how wonderful it always looks. Let’s discuss how Kate Middleton’s hair trick is a ’60’s classic.

Kate Middleton smiling, looking off camera, hair blowing forward
Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton’s hair and beauty routines

As the future queen and one of the most photographed women in the world, Kate is under pressure to look her best at all times. She never disappoints as far as her appearance goes, whether she is attending a formal royal engagement or is off-duty enjoying some personal time. So, how does Kate make sure that she always looks on point? According to Glamour, it is not really as complicated as fans may think. The duchess sticks to nude colors of nail polish to keep her hands looking perfect, and she loves using rosehip oil on her skin. When it comes to her hair, Kate actually uses hairnets, which are practically invisible, in order to make sure updos stay in place. She even combines shampoo and conditioner, and although that might seem a bit strange, it is definitely working for Kate.

Kate Middleton’s hair trick is a ’60’s classic

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It always seems that no matter what, Kate’s hair never loses volume. Even in rainy weather, or at the end of a long day, her locks are still perfectly styled, and we have to say that it makes us a bit jealous. What is Kate’s secret to flawless hair? It actually goes back quite a few decades, to even before the duchess was actually born. As it would turn out, Kate uses a trick from the ’60s, in which she teases some hair at the crown of her head, and then smooths the top layer over it, giving her the most amazing volume. Genius!

The Duchess of Cambridge tends to draw inspiration from the 1960s

Although she keeps it subtle, fans can’t help but notice how Kate gets a lot of her fashion inspiration from the 1960s and even tends to emulate women from that era, such as Jackie Kennedy. How so? According to House Beautiful, she has worn colors and patterns similar to the former First Lady of the United States. We can all remember the Easter service when Kate looked spectacular in a cream ensemble and a pillbox hat, putting a vintage twist on a modern look, and managing to pull it off perfectly. She has even worn sheath dresses that look like they could have been inspired by the 1960s, and we have to say that even though the trend is decades old, Kate has a way of making it look as fresh as can be.