Kate Middleton’s Response to Someone Complimenting Her Hairstyle Shows Just How Relatable She Is

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most famous women in the world. She is a future queen who lives a life that many people could only dream of. However, Kate still has relatable moments here and there. In one instance, she showed this side of herself when someone complimented her hairstyle.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton’s hairstyles have been admired by many people

Kate is known around the world as a style icon. She clothes she wears are constantly sold out in stores, and her hairstyles have been admired by people everywhere.

Kate’s most well-known hairstyle is her blowout look that includes very loose, voluminous curls. This signature hairstyle of hers has become so popular that, according to Today, it can be done at any hair salon in the United Kingdom.

Kate is generally very safe with her looks, but she has experimented with other styles as well. For example, she sometimes sports hairstyles with bangs. Additionally, Kate has been seen with blond highlights a few times. When she attends formal events, she also generally has her hair in an updo.

Kate Middleton once had a relatable response to someone complimenting her hairstyle

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In a recent article by You Magazine, five people shared detailed accounts of what it was like to meet Kate. One story was from Emily Andrews, a royal editor for The Mail on Sunday, who recalled that she complimented Kate when the duchess first sported bangs.

According to Andrews, Kate responded, “Are you sure? Do you really think it suits me? I was a little hesitant.”

Andrews also added, “She patted her hair and smiled gratefully as I reassured her that, yes, the new ‘do’ did indeed look fabulous. It was an intriguing insight that, despite her position, wealth, fame and gorgeous family, she shared the same worries and doubts as the rest of us.”

Kate Middleton likely takes a long time to get her hair ready for an event

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Kate has a simple style has accentuates her natural beauty. However, despite its supposed simplicity, styling her signature blowout hairstyle is no walk in the park.

According to Glamour, Kate’s stylist Amanda Cook Tyler once took a photo of the hair products she packed to go on a trip to Sweden and Norway with Kate. The outlet noted that there were “13 hair brushes, six combs, three hair curlers, and two hairdryers.” Surprisingly, though, most of the products were affordable ones. For example, there was a texturizing spray that cost $10 and a hairspray that cost only $3.

Although Kate and her stylist have not revealed exactly how long it takes to get her perfect blowout hair, the insane amount of products shows that the process can be a tedious one. There’s a chance it might take at least an hour or two to get her hair ready before stepping out of the house.

Couple that with other things Kate has to do, such as getting dressed and putting on makeup, and it’s clear the duchess spends a lot of time taking care of her appearance.