Kate Middleton’s Staff Is Now Banned From Talking About 1 Popular Aspect of the Princess of Wales

Kate Middleton has been a style icon ever since she married Prince William and became a royal. “The Kate Middleton Effect” often causes a piece of clothing or an accessory to sell out quickly whenever the Princess of Wales is seen wearing it. And fueling that phenomenon is the media coverage, which also tends to focus on Kate’s fashion — but that’s about to change.

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton — then Duchess of Cambridge — attends the "No Time To Die" World Premiere at Royal Albert Hall on September 28, 2021 in London, England
Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate Middleton’s staff has been banned from talking about her fashion choices

Royal protocol has recently changed at Kensington Palace, according to a report from Express. Because the media coverage in the United Kingdom is so focused on Kate’s fashion choices, Kensington Palace officials are now refusing to give details on her outfits. 

Until recently, staff always shared information about the clothing the princess wore to each one of her official engagements. The exception was when she appeared at farms or gardens and opted for casual attire.

The only time that palace officials will share details about Kate’s fashion going forward is when she attends a glamorous occasion like a state event or a film premiere. Or when she is on a royal tour abroad and wearing items designed in the nation she is visiting.

The Princess of Wales just topped a best-dressed list

Royal fashion has always been a popular topic in the UK media. There have been literal palace exhibitions centered around what the late Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana wore. And details about what the royal women wear in public have always been shared. 

But now, when a female royal is in the public eye, the fashion details will be left up to the designers to share. The palace will no longer confirm or deny any fashion information.

In one of Kate’s first public appearances since the change, it’s believed that she wore a £35 knitted dress by Mango and a £359 Hobbs coat when visiting Colham Manor Children’s Centre in Hillingdon, west London. The Princess of Wales has a history of mixing designer brands with more affordable labels. 

This year, she topped fashion and society magazine Tatler’s best-dressed list. They described her as a “sovereign superstar.”

Does Kate Middleton wear clothing that’s not ‘appropriate’ for a future Queen?

Now that Kate is the wife of the heir, one royal expert believes this will affect her fashion choices. Miranda Holder told Express that Kate is now one step closer to her future role of Queen Consort, so “it is likely that we will see her wardrobe become more formal and appropriate for her position.”

“Her immaculate outfits will no doubt remain stylish enough to enthrall her loyal fashion-loving fans,” Holder said, adding that Kate’s image will continue evolving “to reflect this new phase in her royal life.”


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The royal expert also pointed out that fans have already witnessed a style change with Kate. She’s transformed from a fresh-faced girl-next-door type into a “sophisticated and elegant style sensation.” 

Kate’s next fashion phase, says Holder, will be more formal. The floaty, feminine fabrics and polka dot prints will make way for “more immaculately cut tailoring in Kate’s signature fit and flare style which complements her graceful figure perfectly.”