Kate Middleton’s ‘Thunder’ Facial Expression That Prompted a Prince William ‘Look of Concern’ — Body Language Expert

TL; DR: 

  • A body language expert described Kate Middleton’s garden party expression in 2017 as a “thunder” look.
  • The facial expression prompted what appeared to be a “look of concern” from Prince William.
  • Whatever the reason behind the “thunder” look, the body language expert called it “refreshing” to see Kate Middleton express “normal emotions.” 
Prince William and Kate Middleton, who had a look of 'thunder' per a body language expert, smile at each other in Poland
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Pool/Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Not-so-happy birthday? A body language expert analyzed Kate Middleton’s “thunder look” at a 2017 garden party in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. Practically every move the Duchess of Cambridge makes on royal tours, or otherwise, is dissected. However, on this particular occasion, Kate’s “thunder” look seemed to have even Prince William doing a double-take. 

The royal couple celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday at a 2017 garden party in Poland

During a five-day tour of Poland and Germany in July 2017, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge marked Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. They went to a garden party at Łazienki Park in Warsaw, Poland. William gave a speech, and glasses were raised. 

According to the Mirror, Kate even joked about having more children after a Polish fan gave her a newborn gift. At the time, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were parents of two. 

Similar to William’s mother Princess Diana, he and Kate brought their kids on the royal tour. A now-8-year-old Prince George and a now-7-year-old Princess Charlotte traveled with William and Kate. Only months later would they reveal Kate’s pregnancy with Prince Louis, 4.

Body language expert Judi James says Kate Middleton’s ‘pitch-perfect smile vanished,’ replaced by a ‘thunder’ facial expression

Speaking to Express in May 2022, body language expert Judi James examined a few moments where Kate wasn’t sporting a grin. James touched on Kate’s Poland garden party facial expression, saying it wasn’t a passing look but a “series of ‘moments.'” 

“It’s easy for the cameras to catch an ‘off’ moment that is often just an expression re-set between regal smiles,” James began. “But on this occasion, in Warsaw in 2017, there were a whole series of ‘moments’ of Kate with her pitch-perfect smile vanished from her face and a look of what might actually be called thunder in its place.”

She continued, saying Kate’s Poland garden party facial expression didn’t go unnoticed. James pointed out William’s facial expressions where he “appeared to be eye-checking his wife several times with a look of concern.” 

“His own smile, when he turned to perform it, came with a rather reflective eye expression,” she added. 

Kate Middleton’s garden party expression labeled ‘refreshing’

Kate Middleton, exhibiting what a body language expert describes as a 'thunder' facial expression, at a garden party in Poland
Kate Middleton | Julian Simmonds-Pool/Getty Images

Wondering the reason for Kate’s Poland garden party expression, James questioned if there had been an argument or if the look on her face was simply a somber moment a the otherwise cheerful event. 

Finally, the body language expert concluded that whatever the reason, it marked an out-of-the-ordinary moment for the now-40-year-old. “Either way, it’s refreshing to see Kate showing some normal emotions,” she said. 

Meanwhile, on more recent public outings, Kate’s “thunder” look has yet to reappear. Visiting London with Princess Anne or wearing colorful clothes in the Caribbean, the Duchess of Cambridge has been all smiles.

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