Katharine McPhee Reveals the Biggest Problem in Her Marriage to David Foster

Katharine McPhee and David Foster are still in love a year after their nuptials. The American Idol alum married the legendary record producer and songwriter after a friendship that spanned over a decade. Despite their love, McPhee opened up about the one problem she has with her husband: Foster’s lack of emotion and empathy.

David Foster and Katharine McPhee
David Foster and Katharine McPhee 2020 | Ian Tuttle/Getty Images for Breakthrough Prize

Katharine McPhee says David Foster lacks emotion and empathy

Foster’s documentary, David Foster: Off The Record, takes a look into the man behind some of the most iconic songs in history. The documentary examines the duality of Foster as a music mogul that lacks the same spunk for he has for music in his personal relationships – specifically with women.

Midway through the documentary, Foster admits that he has failed in the love department, and as a result, his five daughters have suffered. “I’m a runner,” Foster admits with a straight face.

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Foster has been married five times. When conflict arises in his relationships, Foster says he moves on to the next woman. “I always think the grass is greener on the other side,” he explains.

Foster has a difficult time connecting emotionally to women, even his daughters, which McPhee says is a problem for her. But, McPhee is trying to help Foster through his flaws.

“My generation is more open to communicating and understanding why you do the things you do. You stick with the things that don’t work and you figure out how to make them work,” McPhee said. “What we work on together is empathy, having long conversations that he doesn’t want to have.”

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Foster admits that he’s not a fan of exploring his emotions, but McPhee won’t give up. Foster even admits that he told McPhee she could leave him, but she refused, knowing that Foster has the tendency to try and run from his problems.

David Foster explains what he loves the most about Katharine McPhee

Foster and McPhee have a 34-year age difference between them. Though McPhee is two years younger than one of Foster’s daughters, Foster’s family believe McPhee and Foster are perfect for each other.

One of the reasons Foster’s daughter approves of his relationship with McPhee is because they believe McPhee is in the relationship for love only.

“Katharine McPhee does not need David Foster – very talented – very successful – has her own money – does not need him – is with him purely because she loves him,” Foster’s daughter Amy said. “They are a very good match.”

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The age difference doesn’t bother Foster. In fact, Foster says McPhee has an “old soul,” which is what he loves the most about her. “She’s amazing in a thousand ways,” he said. “She’s beautiful, she’s smart, and she’s focused, and she’s well beyond her years.”

Foster says he’s the happiest he’s ever been with McPhee. 

David Foster: Off The Record is currently available for streaming on Netflix.