Kathryn Dennis Will Comment on Her Absence From ‘Southern Charm’ But Will Not Talk About Showing Up to Film With Visible Injuries

Kathryn Dennis has been noticeably missing in action during Southern Charm Season 8. She’s been bringing the drama to Charleston, South Carolina, since the Bravo reality series’ very first season. But this year, she hasn’t been showing up for group trips, events, and some parties — and fans want to know why. 

Kathryn Dennis promotes Southern Charm during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live
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Was Kathryn Dennis on hiatus from ‘Southern Charm’?

Despite Kathryn rarely showing up in Southern Charm Season 8, Bravo hasn’t said much about what’s going on behind the scenes. But last week, the network made a statement that indicated the mom-of-two was on some kind of hiatus. 

“Fans haven’t seen as much of Kathryn Dennis in Southern Charm season eight as they’re used to, but that changed this week,” the network noted, per Fits News. They added that Kathryn “missed several events including (a) dog wedding” thrown by matriarch Patricia Altschul. She also missed out on the cast trip to famed Lowcountry plantation Auldbrass.

According to an anonymous insider from the show’s production company, Haymaker Productions, Kathryn showed up to do some season 8 filming with a visible black eye and swollen jaw. She was reportedly on set with a male Southern Charm cast member — who obviously saw Kathryn’s injuries — but he worked with her without making any comment about them. 

Kathryn Dennis wouldn’t talk about showing up to film with visible injuries

The insider — who works on the Southern Charm set — asked Kathryn what happened after seeing her injuries. However, she allegedly said she was “not allowed” to talk about it. The source made it clear that Kathryn wouldn’t say if she’d been in an accident, or if she was the victim of an assault. Her response was simply “no comment.”

The images that have surfaced online show Kathryn with a black eye and swollen jaw, but she wouldn’t discuss the photos or the injuries with the source. However, Kathryn did confirm the injuries were authentic and was okay with the images being published. 

Production reportedly didn’t notice Kathryn’s injuries until she did her own makeup prior to filming a scene for Southern Charm.

“It’s normal for Kathryn to do her own makeup for daytime shoots, but for this shoot with the couple, she had on an unusual amount of foundation in an effort to cover the area around her eye,” the production source revealed. “It was noticed by production and her management.”

The ‘Southern Charm’ star commented on her absence

Once Kathryn’s injuries were noticed by production, there was a meeting on set between the reality star and one of the Southern Charm producers. The source says the meeting took place in a car, with the windows rolled up and the doors closed.

“I couldn’t hear what was said, but Kathryn was tearing up during and after the conversation,” the source said. The insider also indicated that NBC Universal — which owns Bravo — was conducting their own investigation into “liability” issues related to Kathryn’s injuries. Does this mean someone else from the Southern Charm cast or crew harmed her?

Kathryn later said that she “couldn’t” talk about the photos of her injuries. But, she did say she would comment on her absence from blocks of time during Southern Charm Season 8, describing the situation as “disappointing.”

Even though a cast member said that Kathryn didn’t go on the trip to St. Simon’s Island because she had “the kids” — Kensie and Saint, the children she shares with Thomas Ravenel — she says she didn’t have her kids, and they knew it.

“I was just cut out of shooting for that period of time,” Dennis said, explaining that her treatment from Bravo and NBCUniversal was upsetting. “I wanted to film, I wanted to take the trip to Auldbrass and St. Simon’s Island, but I wasn’t included by production.”

Southern Charm airs Thursdays on Bravo.

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