Katie Holmes Net Worth and How She Became Famous

Katie Holmes is known for her appearances in Dawson’s Creek and Ocean’s Eight. She’s been a rising star since she was a teenager and she hasn’t stopped since. Here’s Katie Holmes’ net worth and how she became famous.

Katie Holmes’ movies and TV shows

Katie Holmes | Don Arnold/WireImage
Katie Holmes | Don Arnold/WireImage

Katie Holmes made her film debut in the 1997 movie The Ice Storm, in which she played the character Libbets Casey. The following year, she appeared in the film Disturbing Behavior, alongside actors James Marsden and Tobias Mehler. Holmes became a household name after starring in the hit teen drama Dawson’s Creek. She played the role of Joey Potter from 1998 until the show ended in 2003.

After Dawson’s Creek, Holmes played Samantha Mackenzie in the 2004 film First Daughter. In 2011, she landed a recurring television role in the TV mini-series The Kennedys, in which she played the character Jackie Kennedy. This wouldn’t be the only time Holmes played Jackie Kennedy. The actress played the former first lady once again in the 2017 TV mini-series The Kennedys After Camelot. Holmes’ other acting roles include appearances in Ocean’s Eight, Boy Boy Girl Girl, and How I Met Your Mother.

Katie Holmes’ highest-grossing movies

As of this writing, Holmes’ highest-grossing film is the 2005 movie Batman Begins, with more than $360 million in worldwide box-office earnings. Her other highest-grossing films include Jack and Jill (more than $150 million in worldwide box-office earnings), Phone Booth (more than $97 million in worldwide box-office earnings), and The Giver (more than $66 million in worldwide box-office earnings).

Katie Holmes said she passed over Dawson’s Creek so she could star in a high school musical

Holmes is so dedicated to her craft that she initially passed up the opportunity to audition for Dawson’s Creek. She told Jimmy Fallon she felt obligated to honor the commitment she made to her school and her friends. Surprisingly, the show’s producer decided to giver Holmes a chance, and waited until she was done with the school play.

Another thing that could have hurt Holmes’ chances of moving forward with the audition process was the fact that half of her audition tape was gone. Someone had taped her sister’s volleyball game over her audition. We guess it was just meant for Holmes to play Joey Potter.

Katie Holmes’ net worth

As of this writing, Katie Holmes has a net worth of $25 million according to Celebrity Net Worth estimates. Her entertainment career goes beyond acting. Holmes also has credits as a producer and director. Her first producer credit was for the 2010 film The Romantics. After that, she co-produced the 2015 film Touch with Fire.

Holmes made her directorial debut with the 2015 documentary Eternal Princess. The following year she directed the film All We Had. Holmes has two upcoming projects titled Brahms: The Boy II and The Secret: Dare to Dream.

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