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Katt Williams’ net worth has gone through ups and downs, the same as the comedian‘s career. But while the actor and stand-up comedian has some control over his earnings, a betrayal once cost him millions of dollars. Williams eventually moved past the scandal and continues to add to his net worth.

What is Katt Williams’ current net worth?

Katt Williams performing on stage
Katt Williams | Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

Katt Williams Finally Reveals if He’s Been Blackballed From The Industry

Katt Williams’ net worth stands at $2 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Those earnings stem from his comedy tours, acting gigs, producer credits, and stand-up specials.

However, Williams disputed his reported net worth during a 2024 appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast. The comedian claimed he was worth much more, suggesting he earns a minimum of $100,000 per stand-up show. Williams went on to state he’s paid $10 million per Netflix special.

While the exact figures behind Kat Williams’ net worth, salaries, and paydays haven’t been made public, the comedian has reportedly faced financial struggles. In 2012, TMZ reported Williams incurred a $4 million tax lien from the IRS for unpaid taxes dating back to 2008.

But that wasn’t the worst financial situation Williams ever found himself in.

How Katt Williams’ own employees tried to blackmail him for millions of dollars

Katt Williams, born Micah Williams, once claimed that his own employees secretly stole $59 million from the comedian. And he told sports podcaster Jemele Hill in 2019 that the experience led him to not trust other people.

The revelation came when the U.S. Department of Justice was investigating an embezzlement case. The Department of Justice allegedly found Williams’ former employees stole $59 million from him when looking into the comedian’s finances.

“In my search for who was the enemy that was causing all these things to repeatedly happen to me over and over again when they shouldn’t, we uncovered that it was actually my people that was involved,” Williams said. “We didn’t really know that until the Department of Justice started indicting these people for the embezzlement of $59 million from Katt Williams.”

He claimed he had $14 million in the bank which was all gone due to the embezzlement.

When Williams fired the people who stole from him, they allegedly tried to blackmail him for more money. Because the case was still ongoing, there were only a few details about the situation he could discuss. At the time he revealed this information, he was already involved in this case for six years.