Katt Williams Once Threatened Kanye West Over Nick Cannon

Katt Williams has made some adversaries in his long and prolific career. But that’s only because the comedian isn’t afraid to speak his mind, even if that might rub others the wrong way. Williams, however, hasn’t only used his gift of gab to defend himself, he’s also used it to defend those closest to him. And when megastar Kanye West made his issues with Nick Cannon known, Williams was quick to defend his former Wild ‘N Out castmate.

Why Katt Williams threatened Kanye West over Nick Cannon

Katt Williams and Nick Cannon speaking on a stage
Katt Williams and Nick Cannon | M. Caulfield/WireImage

It’s well known that Katt Williams and Nick Cannon are true friends. Cannon initially helped Williams’ career by featuring the then-up and comer on his hit show, Wild ‘N Out. On the series, Williams was a standout, which helped gain the comic more exposure in the entertainment industry. Because of that, it’s reasonable to see why Williams would have such loyalty towards Cannon.

That loyalty came to the surface when Kanye West warned Nick Cannon and others to stop mentioning his then-wife Kim Kardashian. According to Yahoo, West took issues with Cannon insinuating that Kim Kardashian and megastar Drake had an intimate relationship in a couple of interviews.

“I understand that you used to date my wife, but you know you giving an interview don’t mention my wife,” West once said. “If someone brings up my wife, say, ‘Hey, I respect that man, I’m not speaking on that.'”

Katt Williams took offense to West’s remarks. According to Rolling Out, Williams responded to West on Cannon’s behalf about those comments.

“Why don’t you contact me when you have something to say to Nick Cannon? You understand that?” Williams said. “You a college dropout, I ain’t even got a high school diploma. F*** yo a** up, selling all them expensive a**, ugly a**, dirty a** lookin’ clothes.”

Even after the Friday After Next has graduated from his Wild ‘N Out days, he and Cannon still remain close friends.

How Nick Cannon believes the business changed Katt Williams

Katt Williams has had his fair share of meltdowns over the years. From assaulting cashiers to getting into fistfights with teenagers, much of his career has been intertwined in controversy. Although some have wondered what used to cause these outbursts from the gifted comic, Cannon reveals that Williams’ actions happen all the time in the entertainment industry.

“I think honestly, at some point, this happens to a lot of entertainers. They just get to a point where they’re exhausted by the business,” Cannon said in an interview with Huffpost. “That brother was working insanely. Like, he was selling out theaters. Doing three to four theaters a weekend.”

Despite the controversy following Williams’ at the time, Cannon still considered the comedian to be as close as family. And he hoped that the Wild N’ Out alum would make one more return to his hit comedy sketch show.

Katt Williams’ return to ‘Wild N Out’ was Nick Cannon’s favorite moment in the show

Cannon confided to MTV that when Williams did return to Wild ‘N Out, it was by far his favorite moment of the show. Wild ‘N Out was on season 4 at the time, and Williams had already become a household name at this point.

“The last show on season four, we let Katt Williams be a team captain,” Cannon said. “He had already blew up, he wasn’t really a part of season four because he was out there killing it in the standup world and on tour and all of that stuff. And he came back, and he was a team captain, and it was just monstrous.”

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