Katy Perry Reveals How Therapy Helps Her Relationship With Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship has seen its ups and downs. The on-again, off-again pair hit it off quickly, with Bloom once saying they knew they were right for each other on their first date. There was a postponed wedding, the birth of their daughter, and the couple giving each other space when they needed it. During a podcast discussion, Perry revealed therapy is vital to keeping their relationship in tune.

Katy Perry (left) and Orlando Bloom attend Variety's Power of Women even in 2021.
Katy Perry (left) and Orlando Bloom attended therapy separately, which Perry says keeps their relationship “in tune” | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Lifetime

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship over the years

Perry and Bloom have been in the public eye individually for years. As a couple, they’ve spent the better part of a decade in the spotlight.

It started with a January 2016 encounter at a Golden Globes party. They attempted to keep their romance on the down low and largely succeeded until Perry made it Instagram official in May of that year.

From there, Perry and Bloom’s relationship included a couple’s Halloween costume in 2016, a March 2017 pause, and an official reunion and engagement later down the line. 

Their planned April 2020 wedding didn’t happen, but they found a way to make their relationship work through it all. As Perry recently revealed on Chelsea Handler’s Dear Chelsea podcast, couples therapy is vital to keeping everything in tune.

Perry reveals how therapy keeps her relationship with Bloom ‘In tune’

Perry went in-depth on her relationship with Bloom during an appearance on the Dear Chelsea podcast. A listener asked how to yell less with her boyfriend, as Yahoo reports.

The Firework singer then advocated for the Hoffman Process of therapy, which she and Bloom both attended separately during their relationship. Perry also described why the Hoffman Process works so well for them and helps Perry and Bloom’s relationship stay in tune.

“Your partners usually see your best and a lot of your worst sides because they’re there to be your mirrors. Orlando and I do couple’s therapy, and we love it because it keeps us in tune, and the resentment can get really strong when you’re both working hard. And god bless successful people in the spotlight, and so when you want to come back to being normal in a domesticated world where you have a child and stuff like that, you have to really learn how to be kind of different out there in the big and in the small. And so we’ve had a lot of success with that couple’s therapy.”

Katy Perry

As a parent to a young daughter, Perry said having a civil and normal relationship was important to her. She also said her Hoffman Process therapy had a significantly changed her life.

Hoffman Process ‘profoundly changed’ Perry’s life

Perry detailed what led her to the Hoffman Process and how it changed her life later in her conversation with Handler.

Perry told Handler that Bloom attended first, and when he came back, he “[W]asn’t leaning into all of my bulls**t and so it was boring. It became boring, and I was like, ‘We’re breaking up then!’”

The I Kissed a Girl singer admitted she struggled for a year before she went to the Hoffman Process. 

Katy Perry (left) and Orlando Bloom attend The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opening gala in 2021
Katy Perry (left) and Orlando Bloom | Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage

The week-long, technology-free process of meetings and therapy helped Perry recognize, react to, and handle triggers in her life.

“[B]asically, it’s a place you get to go to where you rewire the neuro-pathways in your mind, and you get to discover. There’s so much awareness,” Perry said, per Yahoo. “You get to discover why you have these patterns and habits and where they’re coming from, and it’s really coming from mom or it’s coming from dad. So if you’re yelling, who yelled at you? It’s a learned thing. It profoundly changed my life. It’s the No. 1 thing I recommend when someone is ready for that next level in life.”

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