Katy Perry Says Her New Song, ‘Daisies’, Has Taken on ‘a Whole New Meaning’ for Her

Katy Perry is back with new music.

The pop star debuted her first single, “Daisies,” off her forthcoming album on May 15, 2020. But between the time the track got written and now, it has come to mean something different to her. Ahead, find out what “Daisies” means to the 13-time Grammy nominee in light of the coronavirus.

She intended ‘Daisies’ to be ‘a call to remain true’

Katy Perry performs during the ICC Women's T20 Cricket World Cup Final in March 2020
Katy Perry sings in Australia | Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

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In an Instagram post on May 15, 2020, Perry described the original meaning behind her latest song. 

“I wrote this song a couple months ago as a call to remain true to the course you’ve set for yourself, regardless of what others may think,” she wrote in the caption. 

According to Pitchfork, the 35-year-old California-born singer wrote the song with The Monsters’ Jordan K. Johnson and Stefan Johnson as well as Jon Bellion, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, and Michael Pollack.

What ‘Daisies’ means to Katy Perry now

In the same Instagram post featuring a clip of the music video for “Daisies,” Perry shared that the song has come to mean something different for her. 

“Recently, it has taken a new meaning for me, in light of what the whole world is experiencing,” she wrote referencing COVID-19. “Each of us is one in more than seven billion, with our own story of strength and resilience to tell.”

She continued, saying, “I hope it will be the soundtrack to going for your dreams now… especially the ones we left behind 💛.” 

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Perry echoed the same sentiment during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show set to air May 22, 2020, according to Evening Standard.

“Daisies” started out as “a simple message of staying true to your dreams no matter what anyone says,” Perry said. 

But since COVID-19, it’s reminded her to make the most of life. 

“In the pandemic, it took on a whole new meaning for me,” she said. “I think I’ve taken some things for granted and when I get out of this hell, I am going to live my best life and do all those things I’ve perhaps put on the shelf because I thought they were accessible at any time.”

When does Katy Perry’s next album drop? 

“Daisies” is the first taste fans are getting of Perry’s upcoming album. But they can expect more new songs from her between now and August 2020. When she unveiled the music video for “Daisies” on YouTube, Perry confirmed her next album — the name has yet to be released — will be available on Aug. 14, 2020. The music video now has 10 million views and counting so fans are clearly excited to get some new songs from Perry. 

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The forthcoming album will be her sixth after 2017’s Witness. It’s also Perry’s first album since she and her fiancé, Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom, shared they’re expecting a baby girl

For now, Perry fans can put “Daisies” on repeat while they wait for the pop star to unveil more new music off her forthcoming album.