Keanu Reeves Has an Unusual Love for This 1 Vintage Device

Keanu Reeves seems to march to the beat of his own drum. Despite being a famous actor, Reeves does not get caught up in the fast-paced lifestyle that many celebrities follow. For example, he tends to stay private and is known for being extremely generous with his money.

Reeves also has some uncommon interests. For instance, he has an unusual love for a vintage device that hardly anyone uses anymore.

Keanu Reeves attends the 92nd Annual Academy Awards in 2020
Keanu Reeves | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Keanu Reeves still likes using typewriters

It’s hard to find anyone nowadays who still uses typewriters. After all, people have long ditched the device and now prefer to type on their computer or smartphone. However, Reeves is still very much attached to typewriters.

According to a 2013 interview with Moviefone (via IMDB), Reeves talked about how much he loves typewriters. He shared, “I have more than three mechanical typewriters which I think is on the border of collecting typewriters. I love how they feel when I am striking thought on to paper. I love how they sound when putting thought on to paper. I love that they are machines for putting thought on to paper. I love how they look.”

In 2012, Reeves was promoting his documentary “Side By Side,” which featured interviews with several filmmakers. According to the Daily Mail, Reeves contacted director Christopher Nolan with a letter written on his typewriter.

“Yes, I actually wrote to him on an old-fashioned typewriter,” Reeves shared. “I think he got a kick out of that and we finally shot him in his trailer on the Batman set in LA.”

Another unique interest Keanu Reeves has is motorcycles

Aside from typewriters, Reeves is also passionate about motorcycles.

This interest came about when the actor was a young adult. He recalled, according to Red Bull, “When I was 22, I was filming in Munich at this place called Bavariafilmplatz. This young girl had an [Kawasaki] Enduro, and I asked her if she would show me how to ride a bike. I rode it around the lot, and when I got back to Los Angeles I got an Enduro.”

As for why he loves riding motorcycles so much, he shared, according to South China Morning Post, that “the sense of speed and freedom” one gets while riding really appeals to him.

Reeves’ passion does not stop at just owning motorcyles, however. He even teamed up with an experienced mechanic named Gard Hollinger to start their own manufacturer called Arch Motorcycles. “We wanted to offer something unique, not only aesthetically but also about the pleasure of riding,” Reeves told Red Bull.

The company’s first production bike, the KRGT-1, was launched in 2014 and received positive reviews from experts and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Reeves is, of course, also a fan. He said, “It’s not like any other motorcycle. You’re on a sweeping turn, at an extreme lean angle, and you’re comfortable—there’s no machine like that bike that does that.”

Since then, the company has released two more models.