Keanu Reeves Motorcycle Company: What Is His Role?

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Keanu Reeves is a thrill seeker. As such, his passion for motorcycles is par for the course. Throughout his more than three-decades career, Reeves has ridden countless motorcycles, be it in an action set-piece or a leisurely ride through more grounded settings.

That passion for motorcycles doesn’t end when the cameras stop, however, and his business, Arch Motorcycles, is a testament to this passion. 

Keanu revs his engine

 Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Reeves has always been a jack-of-all trades. While his most successful roles veer toward the action world, where he’s now headed two of the highest-grossing franchises of all time, he’s also fond of drama, comedy, and experimental Indie films. Regardless of the types of movies he’s in, he always seems to find himself on the back of motorcycle.   

According to Reeves’ recent interview with GQ’s YouTube channel, his passion started the second he first sat down on one in Germany 35 years ago.  “I learned how to ride a motorcycle when I was doing a film in Munich. This young woman had an Enduro, and I asked her if she’d teach me how to ride it. Then when I came back to Los Angeles, this was probably around ’86, ’87? I got my first motorcycle,” Reeves told GQ about his passion.   

Reeves became an avid collector, customizing his favorite bikes to give it a unique brand that stayed true to his own sentiments. However, that passion for collecting quickly became more hands-on, 

Keanu Reeves proves his worth

Celebrity-owned businesses are nothing new. After all, anyone with a little capital is likely to come across aspiring entrepreneurs who want to use their money and star power to build something special. While this works for some, Cycle World notes that Reeves wanted to start a company not because it padded his wallet. He wanted to sell a product that he was equally passionate about.   

He spoke about his hands-on involvement with Arch motorcycle with GQ, too.     

“I’m involved with the dream of the company, the ambition of the company. I can’t assemble the motorcycle, and you don’t want me to fix it, I can test ride it and I can tell you what’s wrong. And quality control, how do we want it to feel, what are we doing,” the John Wick star said. “And then infrastructure and what’s the voice of the company, who are we, what are we presenting, and kinda work with that,” the John Wick star said.   

Reeves, alongside business partner Gard Hollinger, did not throw several million dollars toward his company to just sit back and enjoy the profits. In fact, according to Hollinger, it was Reeves who approached him about a hands-on collaboration. After all, Reeves had ideas, but Hollinger had the skillset that could make them reality. However, Hollinger was not immediately sold on the collaboration that eventually led to Arch Motorcycles.   

According to Hollinger’s interview with Forbes, Reeves reached out for minor custom work, which Hollinger had not done in years. This struck up a bond that evolved into friendship and business ventures. “I told him ‘no,’ because the work was not the kind that interested me,” Hollinger told the site.  

Of course, this changed after he saw Reeves passion for the craft. 

The Arch Motorcycle way

Reeves wanted a company whose vision conveyed the same philosophies he’s spoken about throughout his career. It wasn’t just about the motorcycles, it was about the artistry and experience of getting one that fits one’s personal needs. Hollinger wanted something that was more about the motorcycles and less about its famous founder.   

Once they realized that they were on the same page, everything changed overnight. Now, the luxury Arch Motorcycles can be anyone’s for a $15,000 down payment and an additional $80,000 or so, for those that have the pocket change to do it. Those who do, however, may not have Reeves putting on his overalls and building it himself, but they get a bike with love, passion, and expertise put into every nut and bolt.  

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