Did Kelley Flanagan Just Call Out ‘The Bachelor’ for ‘Disrespectful Questions’ About Peter Weber’s Season?

Ready or not — The Bachelor still wants fans to know how things turned out for Peter Weber and the season 24 cast. When The Greatest Seasons — Ever! made its series debut, host Chris Harrison caught up with Weber and his new romance with Kelley Flanagan. Then in the following episode — which covered The Bachelorette’s Kaitlyn Bristowe — Harrison called Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett. However, it seems Flanagan wasn’t a fan of The Bachelor host’s questions.

What happened to Peter Weber, Kelley Flanagan, Madison Prewett, and Hannah Ann Sluss on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24?

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The Bachelor Season 24 was quite the journey for everyone involved. Before the season even started filming, Weber met Flanagan and they instantly hit it off. But Weber eliminated her in the seventh week of the show.

Meanwhile, Sluss and Prewett made it to Weber’s final two. Prewett self-eliminated after she realized she wasn’t compatible with Weber. Then Pilot Pete proposed to Sluss and the two were happily engaged. However, he quickly realized he was unable to give her his full heart. So he broke off the engagement. 

Later, Weber went after Prewett. Then during the After the Final Rose special, the couple stated they would take things one step at a time. They also claimed they loved each other. Nevertheless, Prewett and Weber broke up two days later in an Instagram post.

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In a few weeks’ time, Weber was spotted with Flanagan in Chicago. Eventually, the pair revealed they were dating. Then they shared an update on their relationship on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! 

“We are just really excited for the future,” Weber said. “We talked and we both have dreams about moving to New York City for a little bit and get that experience. Hopefully, that’s in our future. [We are] just enjoying each other and it’s been great.”

Weber’s mom, Barbara, also expressed how happy she was about the match. It’s a dream come true,” she said. “I love her, I love her so much. We get along so great and it’s like the daughter that I’ve always wanted.”

What did Chris Harrison say about Peter Weber’s season on ‘The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!’

Chris Harrison and Peter Weber on ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24
Chris Harrison and Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’ | John Fleenor via Getty Images

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In the following episode of The Bachelor on June 15, Harrison chatted with Sluss and Prewett in a joint interview. Like Weber and Flanagan the week before, both Sluss and Prewett updated the host on their lives now. But Harrison also asked questions that referenced the messy drama from Weber’s season. 

In the interview, Harrison brought up Sluss’ final remarks during After the Final Rose. He then proceeded to ask the reality star whether Weber has “become a man.”

“You know what? I have not given much thought into that,” Sluss said. “But I will say, when I went onto After the Final Rose, I stand behind everything that I have said. And that was my peace.”

She continued, “Walking off that stage, I never looked back. I’m not going to let an unfortunate situation knock me down.”

Meanwhile, Harrison asked Prewett on her thoughts about Weber’s relationship with Flanagan. The host also reminded the 24-year-old she did not have the support of Weber’s family, especially in comparison to Flanagan now.

Prewett explained she was close with Flanagan on The Bachelor. She also noted she was happy for the new couple and had “no hard feelings” toward Barbara. “I wish him all the best,” she said. 

Then to end the interview, Harrison asked both Sluss and Prewett if they would take Weber back if he came “crawling back.” Then Sluss replied, “What kind of question is that, Chris Harrison? I think we already know the answer to that one.”

Kelley Flanagan calls out ‘disrespectful questions’ on her Instagram Story after ‘The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!’

Kelley Flanagan Instagram Story on June 15 2020
Kelley Flanagan’s Instagram Story | Kelley Flanagan via Instagram Story

Following The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! on June 15, Flanagan seemingly called out the franchise for asking “disrespectful questions.” Many fans also believed Flanagan’s comment was about Harrison’s segment with Prewett and Sluss about Weber’s season.

“Why are these disrespectful questions still be asked?” Flanagan wrote on her Instagram Story. “The past is the past, let’s let everyone move on in peace.”

Now, Flanagan didn’t call out Harrison by name. She also didn’t indicate whether the questions were disrespectful toward Sluss and Prewett, Weber, all three, or none of the above. Nevertheless, the past two weeks show everyone involved has been able to move on — outside of The Bachelor bubble. So here’s to that.

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