Kelley Flanagan Will Be Giving Fans More Peter Weber Content Very Soon

If you take a look at Kelley Flanagan’s Instagram page, you wouldn’t necessarily think that she’s currently with Peter Weber. After being sent home right before hometowns, most fans didn’t think the pair would ever rekindle their relationship. Though the lawyer was a fan-favorite from Weber’s season of The Bachelor, Weber felt that she wasn’t taking the relationship seriously enough and decided to send her packing.

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber are Instagram official
Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

But, despite Flanagan not making it to the top four, there were plenty of tale-tell signs that she and Weber had rekindled their relationship. In a strange move, producers snubbed Flanagan by failing to invite her to the Women Tell All. In addition to that, rumors swirled that they hooked up between Weber breaking off his engagement with Hannah Ann Sluss and reuniting with Madison Prewett. Furthermore, Weber’s entire family followed Flanagan on Instagram, and his mother, Barbara Weber, was constantly leaving Flanagan sweet messages.

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber are officially dating

When Weber and Flanagan were spotted in Chicago together, and news broke that the former couple was quarantining together, the romance rumors gained even more traction. However, Weber assured fans that they were just friends and he was spending time being single. Weeks later, however, Weber seemed to change his tune and he, along with Barbara, announced that he was, in fact, dating the lawyer.

“You caught me. Let the adventure begin, 💫” Weber wrote in a caption, sharing a photo of he and Flanagan together. Barbara also posted a collage of the couple to her Instagram page. Thus far, however, Flanagan has yet to post any recent photos of Weber to her Instagram page. But, it seems that is going to change very soon. Recently, some hardcore Bachelor fans questioned Flanagan on when she would be giving more photographic evidence of her new relationship.

Fans want to see more of ‘The Bachelor’ lead on Flanagan’s Instagram page

On May 2, 2020, Flanagan took to her Instagram page to post a photo of herself and some of her friends that she met while competing on The Bachelor. “Missing my chicks, can’t wait to see them when all of this is over! ❤️” Flanagan captioned the photo, likely referencing the coronavirus (COVID-19) preventing traveling or social visits. Though some fans truly enjoyed the photo, others were interested in seeing more content with Weber. “I want to see post of u and Peter, that’s all I’m interested in,💯” one person wrote.

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You caught me. Let the adventure begin

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That comment easily racked up over 100 likes and Flanagan decided to respond. “Lol, I will post soon, ♥️” Flanagan responded to the comment. But, just making the promise wasn’t enough for some Instagram users. They urged Flanagan to rush to supply them with photos of herself and Weber. “Hurry up chop chop LoL, I can’t wait.. you’ve always been my favorite from day one and I’m sending you some love from Canada,💗” one eager fan wrote. “I can’t wait to see pics of you guys…#hurryplease#❤️ ” another person chimed in.

Many fans are rooting for the attorney and the pilot

Flanagan and Weber may have their work cut out for them as far as getting the public to support their new relationship. However, it seems many people on Instagram are willing to show them support. Only time will tell if their relationship will last; but, maybe third time’s the charm for Weber.