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Being a mother is a challenge, and the months preceding that little bundle of joy aren’t always a picnic, either. Just ask Kelly Clarkson, mother of two, how she feels about pregnancy. While some women do enjoy being pregnant, some just aren’t fans.

How Kelly Clarkson deals with single parenting

Kelly Clarkson on Episode 1179 of 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'
Kelly Clarkson on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ | NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In this BuzzFeed article, Kelly Clarkson stated, “Anytime I see someone pregnant, I just pray for them.” She went on to say: “Pregnancy was “literally the worst moments of my life. I’m not kidding — I wish I were that girl that [had good memories of pregnancy]. But no. Nope. Don’t miss it.”

Still, in a recent Extra exclusive interview Clarkson stated she was nearly moved to tears by the Mother’s Day gift her nanny gave her. It turns out the nanny gave her something that most parents – especially single parents – don’t have nearly enough of: the gift of time.

Clarkson’s response to this precious gift was nothing less than emotional. “So my nanny — I literally almost cried — like, she walked into the kitchen and was like, ‘Hey, for Mother’s Day, I’m going to give you the gift of time and you can just do whatever you want.’ I almost broke down. I was like, ‘What??!!'” 

Clarkson has two children, a daughter River, who is 7, and a son Remington, 6, with Brandon Blackstock. The two went their separate ways in 2020 when Clarkson filed for divorce.

On her show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, she discussed how difficult it can be to co-parent with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock but that the two make their children a priority. The conversation came about during an interview she was doing with Khloé Kardashian, who co-parents her daughter True with ex Tristan Thompson. 

Clarkson has fun with her kids

The successful mother, musical artist and performer, talk show host, and television personality still manages to make time to have fun with her two children. Recently, Kelly Clarkson had a great time at the LEGOLAND New York Resort in Goshen, New York. The park boasts more than 15,000 Lego models and rides. In this People article, Clarkson and her children can be seen posing and having what looks like a blast at the iconic amusement park.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time she and the kids were out enjoying a day at a popular amusement park. She has also made time to take her youngsters to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. In her Instagram post, she sang the praises of her two favorite attractions. “Pandora and the Star Wars rides are where it’s at! Thank you for a magical vacation, Disney.”

Kelly Clarkson is a single mom with a new “baby”


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Kelly Clarkson shows no signs of stopping. Recently, the host of The Kelly Clarkson Show revealed in an exclusive People press release that she would be dropping her Kellyoke EP featuring favorites from her long-running performances that kicked off her talk show. The EP consists of just six cover songs, including “Happier than Ever” by Billie Eilish and “Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd.

Clarkson said, “Over 500 songs later, and we’re still not running out of amazing artists to pay tribute to. Picking just six was near-impossible, but these songs have been some of my favorites. Thanks for singing along with me y’all!”

This will be her first album since 2017 unless you count her 2021 Christmas album, When Christmas Comes Around. Needless to say, Clarkson is excited to be putting out her Kellyoke EP, and it will be interesting to see if more releases will be upcoming. Either way, she’ll continue to be a very busy mama with her music and her talk show and, of course, parenting her two adorable children.