Kelly Preston and John Travolta Made These 5 Movies Together

Kelly Preston and John Travolta had celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary before she died July 12. Preston lost a two year battle with breast cancer, which she kept out of the public spotlight. The Hollywood couple was always supportive of each other in public, with Preston attending Travolta’s premieres and events. 

Kelly Preston and John Travolta
John Travolta and Kelly Preston | Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

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Preston and Travolta also acted together in five movies. Here are the five films in which you can see a bit of their real life romance on screen.

When Kelly Preston met John Travolta making ‘The Experts’ 

The Experts starred Travolta and Arye Gross as Americans hired by Russian spies to help make their middle-American training facility more accurate. Preston plays one of the Russian trainees and Travolta’s love interest.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston
John Travolta and Kelly Preston in 1991 | Joan Adlen/Getty Images

The 1989 comedy may not be in heavy rotation on streaming services or cable channels, but the relationship between Preston and Travolta lasted the rest of her life. 

‘Battlefield Earth’ was John Travolta’s dream project

The next time Preston and Travolta made a movie together, they were happily married. Battlefield Earth was based on the epic sci-fi novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Travolta and Preston belonged to the Church of Scientology.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta: Battlefield Earth premiere
Kelly Preston and John Travolta | Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

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The story takes place in the future in which aliens called Psychlos enslave humans. Jonnie (Barry Pepper) leads a revolt. Travolta played the evil Psychlo Terl and Preston appeared as one named Chirk. She donned full Psychlo makeup for the part. The film was a box office bomb and widely panned, but Travolta believed in it. He even talked about making a sequel for years after. 

Kelly Preston and John Travolta played a former couple in ‘Old Dogs’

The 2009 comedy Old Dogs cast Travolta and Preston as a couple again, although they were separated for the sake of comedy. Preston plays Travolta’s ex-wife, who returns after seven years with twins he never knew about. He needs his friend (Robin Williams)’s help to care for them.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston: Old Dogs
John Travolta and Kelly Preston on the set of Old Dogs | John Parra/WireImage

Comic hijynks ensue as the old dogs bumble their way through parenting. Travolta’s character still has a flame for his ex, and his real life chemistry with Preston surely helped make that sweeter on film.

A cameo in John Travolta’s vehicle ‘From Paris with Love’

From Paris with Love was Travolta’s action hero turn with Pierre Morel, the director of Taken. He plays an American spy training a US Ambassador employee (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) to help him find a terrorist. 

John Travolta in From Paris with Love
John Travolta | Lionel Bonaventure/AFP via Getty Images)

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This is a Travolta vehicle all the way and Preston only appears in a cameo. She’s not in the credits as a woman on the Eiffel Tower, but fans of the Travoltas recognize her. 

John Travolta and Kelly Preston played real life husband and wife in ‘Gotti’

Gotti was a biopic about crime boss John Gotti, played by Travolta. Preston played his wife, Victoria. The Gottis had a much more tumultuous marriage and family life than Travolta and Preston appeared to have. Fortunately, that was all acting for Travolta and Preston. Gotti was Preston’s last movie. It opened in 2018.