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Some people like to get tattoos related to their significant other to showcase their love. Talk show host Kelly Ripa was in this boat once, and she got her husband’s name tattooed on her wrist. However, Ripa would later come to get the tattoo removed.

Kelly Ripa wearing a low-cut blue top and smiling into the camera
Kelly Ripa | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Los Angeles LGBT Center

How many tattoos does Kelly Ripa have?

Ripa has had a few small tattoos over the years. 

According to The Things, Ripa debuted a tattoo of husband Mark Consuelos’ last name in 2011. The pair first met on the soap opera All My Children in the 1990s and has been married since 1996.

She also once got a flower tattoo on her ankle. Ripa revealed in 2001 that she got it on a whim at the age of 19. “I had two hours to kill and the limo driver said, ‘Why don’t you get a tattoo?’ I did it,” she told The Los Angeles Times. As for the design, Ripa “told the guy to do whatever he had,” and the flower came out. However, by 2016, the tattoo—which she once called the “symbol of my stupidity” had been removed from her ankle.

Another tattoo Ripa got is one on her lower back. Ripa has never shown this tattoo in public and it’s not clear what the tattoo looks like. She shared on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she was not proud of it.

Finally, in 2021, Ripa celebrated her and Consuelos’ 25th anniversary with a tattoo of their wedding date, “5.1.1996,” on the inside of her elbow.

Kelly Ripa regrets the tattoo she got of her husband’s name

During an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan in March 2022, Ripa opened up about her thoughts on tattoos. She shared with co-host Ryan Seacrest and the audience that she believes tattoos are “always a terrible idea.”

“It is putting your favorite sweater in the moment on your body for the rest of your life,” she said, “or at least until Dr. [Roy G.] Geronemus lasers it off.”

Ripa, then, revealed that she is in the process of getting her “Consuelos” tattoo removed because it has become “very blurry.”

She explained, “People started asking me if it was saying all kinds of weird things, and it did start to look like other words, and so I’ve been removing it.”

“I loved this tattoo,” Ripa added, “and I still do, but when people started asking me if it was saying inappropriate words—even by my standards, and that’s saying something—I was like, ‘This is irresponsible. I have to have this removed.’”

Mark Consuelos loves Kelly Ripa’s anniversary tattoo


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So far, it seems Ripa has ended up disliking most of her tattoos, though it’s too soon to know what she will later do with the anniversary tattoo she got in 2021. Nonetheless, her husband, Mark Consuelos, loves the tattoo.

“I love her tattoo. I think it’s adorable,” he told People in June 2021. “I think it’s beautiful. I saw it for the first time last week. I think it’s fantastic.”

Perhaps this might be one tattoo that Ripa will to continue to show off for many years to come.