Kelly Ripa Jokes That She Wears a Mask More Often Than a Bra

Thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, wearing a face mask is now second nature to many people. Kelly Ripa recently shared that she also became accustomed to wearing a mask in everyday life. In fact, the TV host even joked that she wears a mask more often than a bra.

Kelly Ripa wearing a low-cut blue top and smiling into the camera
Kelly Ripa | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Los Angeles LGBT Center

Kelly Ripa is known for making jokes on ‘Live’

Ripa is a TV personality who appears every weekday on Live with Kelly and Ryan. She hosts the show with Ryan Seacrest. Ripa has been in this role since 2001 when the show had other formats: Live with Regis and Kelly, Live with Kelly, and Live with Kelly and Michael.

It’s easy to see why Ripa has been the host of various Live versions for so long. She is a professional at entertaining viewers with stories about her life. For example, she often jokes about herself and her family. Despite being a celebrity, Ripa has a way of making herself relatable to her audience.

Kelly Ripa says she wears a mask more often than a bra nowadays

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Like many people, Ripa’s life has been affected by the pandemic. However, with social distancing measures easing across the country, it looks like things could be getting back to how they were before the pandemic started.

In early February, Ripa talked about this during an episode of Live with guest Laverne Cox. The two women bonded over how accustomed they are to wearing masks.

“It still freaks me out to kind of leave and be without a mask in public,” Cox said.

Ripa admitted, “Can I tell you something? My husband’s in Michigan and I was FaceTiming with him and he goes, ‘Why are you wearing your mask?’ I was in my house with a mask on, not realizing I had a mask on because it’s become like a bra.”

Cox burst out laughing, and Ripa added that she actually wears a bra “way less” than she wears a mask.

“I probably wear a mask more than I wear a bra, too,” Cox agreed.

Kelly Ripa often jokes about being a ‘small-busted’ woman

This was not Ripa can get very candid about her body parts. In fact, she has actually made many jokes about being a “small-busted” woman.

For example, during a 2019 episode of Live, Ripa told Seacrest about the story of a mammogram she got. While demonstrating a part of the mammogram procedure on Seacrest, Ripa joked,“They would have an easier time with you than with me. Trust me. They’ve got more to work with here than with what I have.”

In an Instagram video from that same year, Ripa could be seen standing in a leopard-print dress from Christian Siriano. At one point, she adjusted her bra through her dress and told viewers, “Sorry, I have to … Sometimes even we small-busted women … the breast will escape down through the bottom, somehow, of the brassiere.”

A year later, Ripa also appeared in another Instagram video, where she could be seen motioning to her chest and mouthing the phrase “push up,” possibly implying that she was wearing a push-up bra.

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