Kendall Jenner Admits How She Used to Get out of Speeding Tickets

Kendall Jenner was recently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she spoke about how she spent her 24th birthday in November. She and her friends rented out a racetrack in Palm Springs.

Kendall Jenner | PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images
Kendall Jenner | PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Kendal Jenner’s 24th birthday

“I have grown up just loving cars and sports and stuff so I thought it’d be a fun idea. And a lot of my friends really like it, too, so I kind of invited all my friends and if they had a fun car I said, ‘bring it.’ We went and I kind of learned how to drift,” she said, which she specified to DeGeneres as “skid[ing] around and stuff–stuff you can’t do on a regular street.”

Jenner says she and her friends were there from 2:00 to 7:00.

“We couldn’t get enough. We were having so much fun,” she said.

DeGeneres asked how Jenner and her friends kept the cars from “tipping over.”

“They put you in one of their cars first, like an easier car to figure it all out and mess up in, and they get you in there with an instructor and he explains how to do it. The first couple times you’re just like, ‘This feels impossible,’ and then the second you figure it out mentally you’re just like, ‘Oh OK I got it.’ And then you can kind of get the groove. And I’m obviously still learning, I’m not very good yet. But it’s such a good time,” she explained.

In addition to drifting, Jenner says she and her friends did some racing.

How Kendall Jenner and Ellen DeGeneres get out of speeding tickets

The host asked the model if she gets pulled over a lot when she’s driving one of her fast cars. She says she doesn’t all of the time but when she used to, she’d typically get out of it.

“I wouldn’t say a lot. I’ve definitely been pulled over. When I was growing up and got like little, like not stopping completely at a stop sign or like maybe a little bit of a speeding ticket, the cops would always be like, ‘Oh my God, I love your dad! I grew up watching your dad,’ or ‘saw him at coffee this morning,’ you know, so I would most of the time get out of them,” she said.

When asked how many speeding tickets she has, Jenner replied: “I don’t know. Do people like–I don’t think I’ve ever counted.”

“Well, the fact that you don’t know says you’ve gotten a lot. I mean, I know I could answer that question. I think I’ve gotten one,” said DeGeneres, laughing.

“No way. I don’t believe that. I feel like you’ve got some speed in you,” replied Jenner. As it turns out, DeGeneres does have some speed in her, but she’s got a trick for getting out of tickets, too.

“Oh I do but I’ve gotten out of them. Literally they will walk up to the car and go, ‘Can I ge–Oh my God Ellen! I love you! My wife loves you!’ and I get a selfie,” she said, adding: “We’ll cut this part out because I want to keep getting out of them. I drive fast but safe.”

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