Kendall Jenner Is Appreciative That Kylie Jenner Used to Lie to Her About 1 Thing

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are the two youngest sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner family. The two of them are quite close in age and went through many similar experiences around the same time. 

When they were younger, Kylie apparently used to lie to Kendall about something, though Kendall is not very upset about it. In fact, she is grateful for the lies Kylie told.

Kendall Kylie Jenner posing in front of a gray backdrop
Kendall and Kylie Jenner | Scott Barbour/Getty Images

What is Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner’s relationship like?

Kendall and Kylie have different personalities, and growing up, the two sisters experienced some ups and downs.

For example, Kendall—who is known to be rather private and reserved—has shared that she used to be jealous of Kylie for having so many friends.

Nowadays, though, it seems Kendall and Kylie are very close. Kendall said on her now-deleted website that she and Kylie “love to just hang out and goof off together.”

The two of them even support each other’s career endeavors. Kendall has collaborated with Kylie for her makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics. Recently, Kylie has also been helping Kendall promote her tequila brand 818.

Kendall Jenner is appreciative that Kylie Jenner used to lie to her about something

As a part of their promotion for 818, Kendall recently appeared on Kylie’s YouTube channel for a video called “Drunk Get Ready With Me.” The two sisters drank many shots of 818 tequila while putting on makeup.

In one instance, Kendall recalled the story of her makeup experience when she was younger. At the time, Kendall was very insecure about her acne, and it made her self-conscious around her peers.

“I remember the summer before ninth grade is when all my acne went crazy,” she shared and revealed that by the time they got to ninth grade, she would have Kylie check her face before school.

“Every morning we would show up to school—Dad would drop us off,” Kendall said. “We’d be walking up the stairs and I’d look at you and I’d be like, ‘Can you see my acne?’ Clearly, you could see my acne. It’s bumps on your face.”

However, Kendall explained that Kylie would always say, “No, you look beautiful.” She continued, “I knew you were lying, but I appreciated you.”

She later revealed that Kylie’s words did help her feel more confident at school. The model was able to go about her day understanding that her acne may not have been as big of a deal as she thought.

Kendall Jenner’s story made Kylie Jenner burst into tears


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Kylie got teary-eyed while listening to her sister’s high school story. For the makeup mogul, the memory is now tied to the relationship she has with her daughter Stormi.

“When you have your own daughter, you just think about this,” Kylie said. “I knew it was your biggest insecurity, and every time like clockwork we would get out of the car, you would pull me into the staircase and you would say, ‘How do I look today?’”

Kylie added, “It always made me so sad to even hear you talk about it. I’m like, ‘You’re so beautiful,’ trying to help you. But then I had to go away by myself. It makes me feel bad.”

Fortunately, it seems like Kendall and Kylie got some good bonding moments in the video. The two of them, then, continued on to do their makeup.