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Fans have noticed that of all the Kar/Jenners, Kendall Jenner has a slightly different look from her sisters. She’s tall and slender, while the rest of the women in the family have curves for days.

Most of them are also substantially shorter than she is, except for Khloe, who’s the same height. But Kendall doesn’t seem to mind looking different from her sisters, because her look has served her well in her modeling career.

But recently, fans noticed something in some old modeling photos of Kris. There’s at least one member of the family that Kendall takes after — in fact, she could be her twin. 

Momager Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner on the red carpet
Kris Jenner | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Kris is heavily involved in her kids’ lives. She manages all of her six daughters’ careers, and she’s built an impressive empire on the Kardashian name. All the girls have found success in one way or another, and Kendall is no exception.

She’s an international supermodel (although there are some people who disagree with calling her a supermodel). Although her career is different from her sisters’ self-marketing ventures, Kris is still her manager. In fact, it seems that she may even still have a hand in organizing Kendall’s calendar, according to Screen Rant

Maybe it’s Kris’ able handling of Kendall’s career that’s propelled her to so much success. But one thing’s for sure: Kris did help Kendall become a model by passing along some great-looking genes. 

A beauty and a businesswoman

According to Hello MagazineKris was an aspiring actress when she was in high school. That didn’t work out for her at the time, perhaps because she didn’t have very much time to pursue acting before she became a wife and mother. She was only 22 when she married Robert Kardashian, and a year later, Kourtney was born.

Kris says that during her marriage to Kardashian, she learned a lot about running a successful business by watching her husband and their friends. 

After her divorce from Kardashian, she married again, this time to Caitlyn Jenner (then known as Bruce). Jenner had gained fame as an Olympic gold medalist, but hadn’t capitalized on that fame. Kris took care of that, securing endorsements and speaking deals. 

All of this prepared Kris to run the Kardashian empire. But recently some fans looked at her old pictures and realized that Kris isn’t just a business tycoon; she’s a beauty. And Kendall looks just like her. 

Fans say they could be twins


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In a recent discussion on Reddit, fans compared old photos of Kris to a new photo of Kendall, and the similarity was remarkable. The original poster remarked that the resemblance was “amazing,” and others jumped in to agree.

“Kris really is beautiful,” one commented. “She has that Cape Cod/1960s East Coast look to her.” Others agreed, pointing out that the two had similar bangs in the pictures, and it was a good look for them. “Kendall actually looks really good with bangs (at least that style).”

While some fans mentioned other Kar/Jenner girls that they thought resembled Kris more, others were adamant that Kendall was the most like her. One insisted, “i’ve always regarded kendall as the main twin of kris among the siblings….kendall was kind of given the height factor with the overall appearance of kris.”

When you see the side-by-side pictures of the two women, the resemblance is remarkable. And that’s a good thing, because as one viewer pointed out, “Young Kris was certainly a beauty.”

Kris has boosted Kendall’s career in many ways, some of them healthy and some of them not. But Kendall can thank her mom for her looks because it’s clear that the supermodel is a chip off the old block. 

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