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Celebrities can’t grab a bite to eat or pump their car full of gas without someone snapping a picture that can potentially go viral. Kendall Jenner knows this first hand. Kendall, along with her younger sister, Kylie, was thrust into the spotlight from an early age. As such, she’s already had more scrutiny than just about anyone her age. Fans on Reddit recently discussed this, noting that the public perception might be a little bit unfair. 

Kendall Jenner smiling in front of a grove of trees
Kendall Jenner | David M. Benett/Getty Images

Growing up Kendall

As Us Weekly noted, Kendall was thrust into the spotlight at an early age. A young girl, when her family became the subject of a reality television empire, the second-youngest Kardashian-Jenner child was never going to have a normal life. Everywhere she went from childhood to young adulthood came with cameras, fans, and an utter lack of privacy. 

Tales of Kendall’s alleged treatment of workers, fans, and other people on the street have dominated the internet for several years. However, fans on Reddit recently opened up the discussion with a bit more nuance.

In defense of Kendall

In a thread on Reddit asking for unpopular opinions, u/dreamingtheaters7 defended the model for behavior, stating that while aspects of her personality might welcome, there might be more to it:

“While I do think she seems entitled and definitely classist, I don’t like all these stories coming out about how she has an attitude. I think her ‘attitude’ is most likely her being very anxious, and the fact that thousands of people swarm her every day no matter where she goes, it’s gotta be exhausting. I wouldn’t want to be friendly to someone either if I thought the second I left they were gonna jump on TikTok and make an attention-grabbing video about how rude I was.”

Others, like u/perfectdayforbananafish, sees this as an opportunity to remember that while someone like Kendall can be rude, classist, and otherwise irresponsible, some of her behavior might have a relatable cause behind it.

“Or even just an introvert. Like good god, I would probably have the worst reputation if I was famous. The thought of strangers coming up to me and 1) pretending they actually know me 2) wanting to touch me 3) or take a picture of me 4) having to interact and expend the little amount of social energy my brain gives me every day sounds like hell on earth.”

People often forget about the human side of celebrities, and Kendall is no exception. While her older sisters got to grow into young adulthood before being thrust into the spotlights, she’s spent most of her life with a camera in her face. This can lead to all sorts of anxiety that results in lashing out. However, just because someone looks one way on camera or through anecdotes about their bad behavior, it doesn’t mean that they are acting in bad faith. 

Celebrities and the cost of fame 


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It’s always easy to judge celebrities for the way that they treat other people. Many tend to let their fame and fortune get to their heads. However, as these fans noted and The Hollywood Reporter helped confirm, being a celebrity is not always fun and games. When people like Kendall go out to get a cup of coffee, a line of paparazzi and self-entitled fans is soon to follow. 

This does not condone the worst celebrity behavior at its worst, but it does help shine a light on their humanity. Most people have bad days where they may speak to people in ways they later regret. However, they don’t have to worry about it ending up on TMZ. Be it, Kendall, her sisters, or someone unrelated, all celebrities are human beings.