Kendall Jenner Has Definitely Had Work Done on Her Face, Fans Claim — Here’s Why It’s Barely Noticeable

The subject of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters’ shifting appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians has long been a source of heated debate.

It’s certainly no secret that each of the sisters has used their appearance to help build their social media followings and respective careers. There is also no denying the ample use of cosmetics, photography filters, and good angles to make sure they’re always putting their best face forward. 

When it comes to actually going under the knife, though, there is still a lot of conflicting information and competing theories. Fans believe that Kendall Jenner has definitely had some work done, but they also have a theory about why it’s so hard to tell for sure. 

Fans have long wondered which sisters had surgery

Kendall Jenner walks the runway
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There are some cosmetic enhancements that aren’t a source of debate because the family members have simply admitted to them. Perhaps the sisters are simply following in their mother’s footsteps. Kris Jenner has admitted to a neck lift, Botox injections, laser treatments, and breast augmentation. 

As for the sisters themselves, many have speculated that Kim Kardashian has had augmentation to her butt, but she denies the use of surgery to achieve her look. She admits only to Botox for her face, which she doesn’t consider plastic surgery. Face fillers seem to be a popular choice among the sisters.

That’s also all Kylie Jenner admits to getting done although fans have long speculated that she had breast enhancement. Kourtney Kardashian does admit to surgery on her breasts but denies any other procedures. Khloe, who perhaps has the most dramatic appearance shifts of all the sisters, denies anything more than face injections, which she says she didn’t like because it made it difficult to show emotional expression. 

Kendall Jenner denies having work done

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Of all the sisters, Kendall Jenner has been perhaps the most adamant about denying any plastic surgery. “As a model, why would I have my face reconstructed? It doesn’t even make sense,” the star explained. It’s true that Kendall Jenner — who has been called the only sister with a real career — definitely depends on her looks more than the other sisters to make her living.

As a high-end fashion model, Kendall Jenner commands top dollar for her appearance in ads. She has worked with brands as recognizable and flashy as Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, and Adidas.  It’s true that going under the knife to alter her appearance would be a real liability when she has a career built around the way that she looks and being able to have control over her facial expressions is such an important part of the job. 

Fans are still convinced Kendall Jenner had surgery

Despite her denials, fans are still convinced that Kendall Jenner has been under the knife.

In a Reddit thread on the topic, fans addressed the way that not being honest about having work done sets unrealistic expectations for the fans who look up to them — especially the teens following the family. Fans in the thread seemed convinced that Kendall Jenner has had work done to her face:

“I wish they would because I would love to know exactly what Kendall did to achieve her face.” Another weighed in with speculation about what procedures Jenner has had: “It’s mainly nose job, lip filler and eye threading. She’s definitely had the least done surgery wise.” 

This theme — that Kendall Jenner’s alterations were minimal compared to her sisters’ — was repeated throughout the thread. In fact, that’s why fans think it is so difficult to know for sure that Jenner has had work done.

“Kourt and Kendall both tried to enhance their natural features whereas Kylie and Khloe wanted to create whole new ones imo which is why their surgery is way more noticeable,” one commenter wrote. P

erhaps it is Jenner’s tendency to lean in to her existing features that makes her work much more subtle — or maybe she really is being honest about never having it done in the first place.