Kendall Jenner Is Not a Supermodel According to Critics

For the past two years, Kendall Jenner has claimed the title of the highest-paid model in the world. In 2018, Forbes reported that the 24-year-old raked in an astronomical $22.5 million dollars for the year which bolstered her net worth tremendously. Throughout her modeling career, the reality TV star has walked in high-profile shows, partnered with huge names like Burberry and Calvin Klein, and done a whole host of commercial shoots. Still, critics don’t think she’s earned the title of a supermodel.

model Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner | Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

But what are the distinguishing factors that push a model into supermodel status? According to various definitions, a supermodel (a term that arose in the 1980s and 1990s) has accrued a worldwide reputation, worked for high-profile brands and designers, and is highly-paid. By definition, Jenner seems to meet many of those requirements, so why do critics feel she hasn’t earned the title?

Kendall Jenner had a huge fan base before she became a model

Though Jenner has worldwide acclaim with millions of supporters around the globe, she had that prior to starting her modeling career. Thanks to her famous family and her appearances on the hit reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner has had many built-in fans from a young age. Furthermore, many critics argue that if she didn’t come from a famous family, she wouldn’t have the career that she has today. Critics recently argued about whether or not Jenner has earned the title of a supermodel on Instagram.

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Jenner was recently featured on the cover of Architectural Design and also given a spread in the magazine. The spread was also accompanied by a video home tour that was nearly 11 minutes. To promote the issue, the brand also posted photos on their social media profiles and referred to Jenner as “supermodel, Kendall Jenner”. While many fans were thrilled to take a peek inside Jenner’s Los Angeles home, critics were less than impressed.

Instagram users argue that the reality TV star has not earned the supermodel title

“Supermodel?! Seriously ??? She is only a model because she had a ton of plastic surgery and came from the Kardashian clan. She has zero style, zero movement, zero je ne sai quoi. Compare her to Cindy, Carla, Naomi, Linda, Claudia and the rest … it’s positively embarrassing to see this,” one adamant critic wrote about Jenner in the comment section.

“She’s a supermodel now. How much did Kris pay you to say that,” another critic chimed in, citing Jenner’s mom and manager, Kris Jenner. “Yeah, it’s actually difficult to find a model with less charisma than her. But I do think her new lip fillers look good on her,” another person added.

Would Jenner be where she is today without ‘KUWTK’?

“Her face is super empty and her eyes are super dull. She couldn’t look more uninteresting if she tried. She’s got absolutely nothing over hundreds and thousands of young tall pretty girls you see everywhere, with more personality,” yet another Instagram user penned, discrediting Jenner’s supermodel status. “Seriously. If she had to compete for real, she wouldn’t last a New York minute,” another person chimed in.

Whether or not Jenner deserves a supermodel title could likely be a subject of endless debate. We’re sure her fans would go out of their way to list any and all accomplishments that might qualify her for the title. But, supermodel or not, it’s clear that Jenner, like the rest of her family, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.