Kendall Jenner Claps Back at Critic About Her Revealing Wedding Guest Dress Being ‘Inappropriate’

Making the headlines again, Kendall Jenner has clapped back at a critic who called her guest dress at her best friend’s wedding “inappropriate” and embarrassing. This isn’t the first time the Kardashian-Jenners have been called out, but it is one of those times when many point out it’s nobody else’s business. Fortunately, the Jenner sister handled the response with grace, and many came to her defense following the comment, including the bride herself. However, the comeback wasn’t quite as iconic as some other viral responses. 

The Kar-Jenners are no strangers to criticism

Kendall Jenner wedding guest dress
Kendall Jenner | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

If there’s one thing that never fails every year (more often than not, several times a year for each sister), it is the constant criticism and backlash. If one sister isn’t culturally appropriating, another is photoshopping their pictures to the degree that it’s unrealistic and unhealthy. 

Take, for instance, Khloé Kardashian. She’s been called out for photoshopping more times than you can count. There have even been cases where she was accused of photoshopping baby True

Then there was Kim’s sex tape and blackface controversy, Kylie reportedly lying about her billionaire status, and Kourtney being “tone deaf” for promoting after Travis Scott’s concert tragedy. And, of course, Kendall’s Pepsi ad

So which Kardashian/Jenner sister is least problematic? It’s hard to say since they’ve all been in many scandals. However, Kendall has been getting a lot more controversial attention than her sister lately with her wedding guest dress, new tequila brand, and more. 

Kylie Jenner ‘obvi’ asked for permission to wear the dress as a wedding guest

In November 2021, Jenner’s best friend Lauren Perez tied the knot with her husband, David Waltzer. They had a Miami Beach wedding, with the Jenner sister playing a starring role as one of her bridesmaids. 

Although her bridesmaid dress was a beautiful and light blue, the model would later be captured in a selfie alongside Hailey Bieber in something much more revealing. It was a back cutout dress with more skin than material for show. 

Shocked by Kylie Jenner’s revealing wedding guest dress, a critic commented, “Inappropriate outfit for a wedding @kendalljenner I’m embarrassed for you. #cringe.” 

A fan was quick to point out, “If the bride herself doesn’t gaff, why do you care? relax.” 

Of course, Perez jumped in at this time to make it clear that she indeed does not “gaf” that Jenner wore this dress. “tell em! SHE LOOKED STUNNING AND I LOVED IT!” Perez wrote.

Putting the cherry on the cake, Jenner hopped on to respond to her BFF bride, “@lauenperez obi asked for your approval in advance too 🥰 we love a beach wedding.”

Jenner isn’t afraid to clap back when she needs to

While there’s no way for the model to respond to everyone who throws shade her way, there have been some iconic times when she has. First and foremost being just after she and Devin Booker were sighted by the paparazzi together.

In another famous incident, a sexist tweet made its rounds about Kendall being “passed around” by NBA players (i.e., exes Utah Jazz, Jordan Clarkson, Blake Griffin, and Ben Simmons). Although many fans and her sisters came to her defense, Jenner proved she could handle herself. 

In response to one fan defending her with, “Maybe she passing them around,” the KUWTK star clapped back with, “They act like I’m not in full control of where I throw this cooch.”

It’s arguably her most iconic response yet, but there’s still time for more!

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