Kendall Jenner Shows She’s a Serious Painter With Look Inside Her Multi-Million Dollar LA Mansion

A lot of people have picked up new hobbies while in isolation. Celebs like Kendall Jenner are no exception. In a chat with Justin and Hailey Bieber, Kendall revealed that she tried to avoid spending all day in front of the TV. Her quarantine activities included giving Architectural Digest a virtual tour of her home, and fans learned a lot about the supermodel and reality TV star. Fans already knew Kendall is a great photographer. In addition to modeling, she’s been behind the camera for some big-name brands, like Calvin Klein. But it turns out she’s also a serious painter. 

Kendall Jenner smiling in front of a black background
Kendall Jenner | Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Kendall Jenner is an art aficionado 

Kendall loves art. Fans had some idea that she had an appreciation for art. According to Newsbreak, she frequently attends Art Basel, the popular Miami art festival. She went last December and was seen partying all night with Leonardo DiCaprio. But art isn’t just about partying for Kendall. She’s a serious collector.

She has a lot of impressive art pieces in her house. Kendall has a James Turrell installation right next to her entrance. She’s understandably proud of it. Turrell is a prominent installation artist who primarily focuses on manipulating light into engaging artworks. But that’s not Kendall’s only impressive artwork. She has a pair of Barbara Kruger prints in her bedroom hallway, and a Tracey Emin art piece as well. 

Kendall loves art so much that she got into it herself. Kendall revealed her studio on the tour, and fans were impressed. There are a ton of supplies, and light that any artist would kill for. Kendall used to just paint in the garden. When she got more into creating art, she decided her hobby needed a space of its own. 

The studio in Kendall Jenner’s home used to be a movie theater

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Kendall says her art studio used to be a movie theater. She apparently wasn’t as in to watching movies in there as she thought she’d be. When she was painting outside more than she was watching movies inside, she redid the space. It’s gorgeous. Fans are seriously jealous. 

She has a workbench with all her paintbrushes hanging upside down in a perfect row. There are at least 20 of them. All the furniture is made of distressed wood, and the battered tile floor gives the room a more artistic feel. Although Kendall doesn’t have the most modern KarJen house, the other rooms are slightly more contemporary. The studio is very traditional, especially considering her house has Spanish style architecture. Her easel is set up in front of two big windows that overlook the California hills.

Kendall Jenner’s studio has a unique style 

The room is a stark contrast to her sister Kim Kardashian West’s bare, minimalist style. It’s also different from Kylie’s more glamorous taste, although Kendall’s paintbrush lineup recalls Kylie’s cupcake-making pantry. Kylie’s hobby is baking, and she has an incredibly organized area for making and decorating pastries. Kendall’s house is truly her own, although it looks like she got the KarJen organization gene.  

The rest of Kendall’s home has a “farmhouse style,” according to Kendall. She used splashes of yellows and browns, and big canvas curtains to create a relaxing vibe. She really wants her house to feel like a home. Unlike her sisters, who have some rooms that fans think are totally uninviting, most of Kendall’s house seems livable. She keeps the fire lit in the living room all the time, to create a true sense of home. 

Kendall Jenner doesn’t think she’s great at painting

Despite the fact that Kendall loves to paint and has done a lot of it while in quarantine, she doesn’t think she’s that good at it. “I’m not good at painting, but I thoroughly enjoy it and consider it a form of therapy so I love coming in here and making really horrible things.”

Some of Kendall’s paintings can be seen in the shots of her studio. Although they’re not easy to make out, there are a lot of them. There are more than 20 canvases in the photos of her studio, and the ones that can be seen look like they were mostly for practice. Painting is a skill, and like any other skill, if Kendall keeps at it, she’ll improve.