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From a young age, Kendall Jenner knew that modeling was the path for her. Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will recall that Kendall presented her mom, Kris Jenner, with a book of photos of herself when she was a teen. This caused Kris to take her daughter’s interest in modeling seriously and, like a true momager, Kris did everything she could to give Kendall a leg up in the modeling industry.

Kendall Jenner age 25 smiles while attending a basketball game
Kendall Jenner | Elsa/Getty Images

Kendall Jenner believes the Kardashian name hindered her modeling career

But despite Kris’ immense fame, wealth, and connections, the 818 tequila founder doesn’t believe that nepotism played a role in her success. In fact, the model believes that her family’s reality TV show only made it harder for her to succeed in the cutthroat modeling industry. Kendall even tried to distance herself from her family early on in her career by going by “Kendall Nicole” in professional settings rather than Kendall Jenner.

The ‘KUWTK’ alum is currently the highest paid model in the world

While people continue to debate whether or not Kendall’s modeling career is because of her famous family or in spite of them, there’s no denying that she has achieved great success. To date, the 25-year-old is the highest paid supermodel in the world and has connections with some of the best designers. Kendall has clearly achieved her dream of becoming a successful model, but what would she be doing if she wasn’t modeling?

During the reunion special of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kendall was asked what she thought she would be doing if she wasn’t a model. The reality TV star gave a fairly surprising answer, sharing that she believes she would’ve followed in Caitlyn Jenner’s footsteps and competed in the Olympics.

The 818 tequila founder thinks she’d be an Olympian if she wasn’t a model

“Honestly, I think I’d probably be in the Olympics or going to the Olympics for horseback riding,” the model revealed. “That was always my dream, horseback riding.” Fans of Kendall will recall that she began riding horses at a very young age. In fact, she still makes time to ride her two horses despite her busy schedule. But if Kendall was so interested in horses growing up, why did she decide to pursue modeling? According to the reality TV star, the decision was something akin to fate.

Jenner recalls the age when her interests shifted from horseback riding to modeling

“I was a huge tomboy, couldn’t really care less about fashion,” Kendall began. “All I cared about was my horses and like what sports I was playing. So it’s really interesting that I think at the beginning, especially of our show, that was more me. And then, over time I think I, you know, it kind of happened really naturally. Like I can’t say I was like, you know, ten years old dreaming about it. But when I did get to like 14, 15, I was like, wait a minute, this seems so fun.”


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Continuing on, Kendall shared that as she continued to age, modeling seemed like a viable option. “I would take pictures of like, our house, I loved — it started with photography, I loved photography, and I would take pictures of my friends,” she recalled. “And then they’d be like ‘Let me take pictures of you’ and I just ended up really enjoying it. And it was like, I know it’s kind of corny to say, but almost like destiny. Like I think that was what was pushing me that direction.” Clearly Jenner has found success in modeling, but we’ll never know if she had the skills to pull off being an Olympian.