Who Is Kendall Jenner’s ‘Twin Brother’ Kirby Jenner?

Kendall Jenner is arguably the most elusive of the KarJenner sisters. The 24-year-old model has been candid about the fact that she is shyer and reserved than her Kardashian siblings. Though she calls herself an open book, fans of the reality star are constantly learning new things about her every day. Even the more loyal Jenner fans might be shocked to know that she has actually has nine siblings in total. But, has Jenner been hiding a fraternal twin brother all this time as well?

Kendall Jenner's Twin brother Kirby Jenner
Kirby Jenner | Photo by Aurora Rose/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Does Kendall Jenner have a twin?

Though the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has nine siblings, it was previously thought that her younger sister (22-year-old billionaire, Kylie Jenner) was her only whole sibling. She and Kylie Jenner are the only two people who share both of the same parents, Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner. This is why the model’s fans were shocked and confused to learn about an alleged twin, Kirby Jenner.

Who is Kirby Jenner?

Recently, the news broke that Jenner would be producing a new show called Kirby Jenner, which followed the life of her twin brother. However, fans need not be confused. Kirby Jenner is actually of no relation to the model, but rather a parody account started on Instagram. Kirby Jenner, who follows Kendall Jenner exclusively, has managed to rack up a whopping 1.2 million Instagram followers, including the famous model herself. Kirby Jenner photoshops pictures of himself in with Kendall Jenner and the rest of her famous family. The photos are done so well that they actually appear real and the model occasionally interacts with them.

But, Jenner’s twin brother has managed to capture more than just her attention. On December 2, 2019, he announced that he would be starring in his own show. The show is set to be a parody reality show and will be coming to Quibi in 2020. Quibi is a special platform created to appeal to mobile users first and foremost. Taking to his Instagram page, Kirby Jenner announced his exciting news.

Kendall Jenner throws support behind her ‘fraternal twin’

“Umm I guess I have my own @quibi show now?? We’re gonna call it “Kirby Jenner” cause it’s easy for me to remember and mom said, ‘it’s fine,’” he shared with his loyal following, also making reference to Kris Jenner and her well-known role as a momager. Kirby Jenner’s twin sister made sure to show her support on the post also. “YESSS!!! proud of you,” Kendall Jenner responded enthusiastically.

But, showing her love on Instagram isn’t the only way Kendall Jenner is throwing support behind her twin brother. In addition to producing the show, the 24-year-old also released a statement to the press where she expressed excitement for the project. “I’m thrilled that Quibi viewers will get an inside look at the life of my twin brother and he’ll finally have the opportunity to shine in this series,” she shared.

Another famous Instagram parody account

Though a made-up twin is this certainly a very bizarre and meta piece of pop culture, it does seem like a very KarJenner thing to throw support behind. The famous family has always had numerous parody accounts that they entertain. Another example would be the infamous Nori’s Black Book, in which a fan pretends to write about the KarJenners from the perspective of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s eldest daughter, North West. It might be a strange thing to do, but it’s obviously working super well for some diehard fans. We wish Kirby Jenner all the success on his next venture.