Kendall Jenner Might Not be On/Off Fling Ben Simmons’ Type, Based on His Dating History

Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner have an on-again, off-again type relationship. The two haven’t been terribly forthcoming about their dating history together, but there is one interesting aspect of Simmons’ past that demonstrates Jenner may not be his usual type. Let’s take a closer look at who Simmons is, his history with Jenner, and the type of woman he’s been linked to in the past. There are two in particular that have one distinct difference from Jenner. 

Ben Simmons looking off camera and Kendall Jenner slightly behind him looking down with arms crossed
Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner | James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Ben Simmons’ NBA career

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Simmons is a guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. He was born in Australia and moved to the U.S. where he played college basketball for the Louisiana State University Tigers. After only one standout season in college, he immediately made the jump to the NBA. Simmons played point guard, though he’s uncharacteristically big for that position at 6’9″ and 240 pounds. 

The 76ers selected him as part of their “Trust the Process” phase when they intentionally struggled in an attempt to clear cap space and acquire high draft picks that led to them getting top of the line players. It worked — along with center Joel Embiid, Simmons has turned the Sixers into one of the NBA Eastern Conference’s top contenders. Though Simmons has struggled with long-range shooting, he’s quickly shown himself to be one of the most talented young playmakers in the league. 

Simmons’ play on the court has put him in the public eye in a big way, as his popularity has only grown throughout his career. It didn’t take long for him to get himself a very famous girlfriend. 

Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner’s relationship

According to the New York Post, Jenner and Simmons were first reportedly dating as of May 2018. The two were first seen dining together at the Beverly Hills Hotel that same month. Another source reported Simmons and Jenner were spotted partying in Manhattan at a restaurant called Vandal. In February 2019, Jenner appeared on Ellen where host Ellen DeGeneres asked her about her relationship. She confirmed the two were seeing each other, even if she was tight-lipped about it. 

Ben Simmons’ other past girlfriends 

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While it appears as though Simmons and Jenner may or may not still be an item, one look back at Simmons’ past flings reveals he may be bucking a trend of his by dating Jenner. Elite Daily provided a rundown of some of Simmons’ past relationships, and the information was telling. 

One past Simmons girlfriend was former women’s basketball player Dylan Gonzalez. Their relationship was brief, lasting only from June until November 2017. Currently, Gonzalez is an Instagram model and a rapper. Simmons also previously dated the singer Tinashe from March through May of 2018. The pair were first linked in February 2018 and both posted the same picture of each other via Instagram the following month. Simmons, who has since deleted the photo, posted the caption: “This is a dime I can’t pass.” Tinashe captioned the same picture on her account with a simple smiley face. Rumors of the duo’s split coincided with rumors of Simmons dating Jenner. 

From Simmons’ dating history, it appears he has an inclination for dating musicians. Though Jenner is known more for her reality TV show and modeling, she does have a bit of a history in music: she had a brief but hilarious verse on the Lil Dicky/Chris Brown track Freaky Friday. So if Simmons’ main attraction is to musicians, Jenner shouldn’t fear: technically, she qualifies.