Kenny Rogers Said He Had an ‘Explosive Relationship’ with Third Wife Margo Anderson

Kenny Rogers was married five times, but some of his marriages stood out for him more than others. Here’s how Rogers described the “explosive relationship” he had with his third wife, Margo Anderson.

How Kenny Rogers met his third wife, Margo Anderson

Kenny Rogers and Margo Anderson | Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Kenny Rogers and Margo Anderson | Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

How did Kenny Rogers and Margo Anderson meet? In his autobiography, Luck or Something Like It, Rogers says he met his third wife at a Houston, Texas-based gentlemen’s club called the Bunny Club. Anderson must have made quite an impression on the singer, because he said she stood out from the other women. “She was different from anyone I had ever met,” wrote Rogers. “Not only was she beautiful, she was smart. I mean Mensa smart.”

Rogers said he was open to meeting someone new because he recently divorced his second wife, Jean Massey. “To say the least, I was susceptible, so I let Margo take full advantage of me,” wrote Rogers.

Kenny Rogers had a good relationship with Margo Anderson’s parents

Kenny Rogers in 1968 |  Jasper Dailey/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Kenny Rogers in 1968 | Jasper Dailey/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Rogers says he and Anderson’s parents had a great relationship. “I really loved Margo’s parents,” wrote Rogers. “Her father was like an old salt—Scandinavian, I think. A big guy with a heart of gold. Her mom, Doris, gave you the feeling that she knew the whole story about life in general.”

Rogers’ relationship with Anderson’s parents seemed very different from the relationship he had with his first wife’s parents. Earlier in his book, Rogers said the parents of his first wife, Janice Gordon, didn’t think highly of him and “wrote him off” as a breadwinner. However, Rogers said his third wife’s parents were “exceptionally nice” to him and treated him respectfully.   

According to Kenny Rogers, he and Margo Anderson had an ‘explosive relationship’

Kenny Rogers |  David Redfern/Redferns
Kenny Rogers | David Redfern/Redferns

Although things were good between Rogers and his in-laws, he had some tough moments in his marriage. Rogers said he and Anderson “had an explosive relationship right from the start.” According to him, things were either very good or terrible. There were rarely any moments in between.

“When it was good, it could not have been better,” wrote Rogers. “But when it was bad—stand back,” he continued. The country singer said Anderson didn’t like to argue. Instead, she liked to engage in fights. Making things worse, he said Anderson knew exactly how to provoke him. “She loved to regurgitate problems, things that happened from years before,” said Rogers.

Kenny Rogers said fights with his third wife usually started the same way

Rogers said he and Anderson usually had the same fights and they would start the same way. Here’s how he described their exchanges:

Once I heard, ‘do you remember,’ I knew what was coming next and I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. There is no question I must have overreacted at that point. She had strong opinions about things I didn’t even recall, and she could remember the smallest details. If I had to guess, most of the arguments we had at that point were about money, which was pretty typical of people of that age.

In his book, Rogers said he doesn’t blame any of the women he divorced for the failed marriages. However, he does blame Anderson for starting fights while they were married. “I don’t ever like to blame someone else, but in this case, [the fights] were all her fault,” wrote Rogers. “The good news is, I didn’t have to remember any of my shortcomings because she did and didn’t hesitate to remind me.”

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