The ‘Keto Guido’ Returns to Chippendales

The cast of Jersey Shore used to live by the credo gym, tan, and laundry. Today, their Jersey Shore ways have shifted, with a focus on marriage, babies, and in Vinny Guadagnino‘s case, stripping. While going to the gym, tanning, and doing his laundry are all presumably a critical part of Guadagnino’s lifestyle, he has added a new profession to his resume: Host of Chippendales Male Revue. 

If you missed Guadagnino stripping down to barely nothing the first time around, fear not! He’s back for a limited time hosting the widely regarded male revue. Here’s everything we know about Guadagnino’s latest Chippendales residency. 

'Jersey Shore' Vinny Guadagnino Chippendales
Vinny Guadagnino | Denise Truscello/WireImage

Vinny’s success at Chippendales

Thanks to his ketogenic diet, Guadagnino fits right in with the rest of the jacked all-male cast at Chippendales. His physique and celebrity status have allowed Guadagnino to have one of the most successful experiences as a celebrity host for the male revue. Thanks to Jersey Shore and Guadagnino’s other venture, Double Shot At Love, fans came in droves to see the “Keto Guido” perform the first time around. A representative for Chippendales told Page Six, “He was definitely one of the best-received guest hosts we have had. He basically sold out almost every performance.” Guadagnino’s second stint with the Vegas show was just as successful. His ability to sell tickets and his natural penchant for performing are why Guadagnino is back for a third run with show.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans first got a glimpse of Guadagnino’s stripping skills in the “Gym, Tan, Strip” episode last season. The Jersey Shore gang were shocked when Guadagnino got completely naked during the infamous shower scene of his act. Chippendale’s credits this as one of the reasons the show has consistently done well when Guadagnino is in town. 

The ‘Keto Guido’ is born

Guadagnino wasn’t always known as the “Keto Guido.” During the early days of Jersey Shore, Guadagnino would partake in carb after carb during family dinners. He never worried about what kind of alcohol he was consuming, and he certainly didn’t have what Pauly DelVecchio refers to as “keto farts.” In an interview with the New York Post, Guadagnino says he was yo-yo dieting at the time and “…not in good shape.” After hearing Adam Carolla’s podcast in 2015, Guadagnino converted into a “keto evangelist.”

It wasn’t until Family Vacation that he unleashed his ketogenic ways upon his roommates. Now, Guadagnino’s habits have become a running joke amongst the Jersey Shore family, even inspiring Guadagnino’s nickname, “Keto Guido.” 

Vinny’s performing career 

Before Guadagnino was a famous guido and member of the Chippendales troupe, he was a law student and a performing artist. “People don’t realize I’ve done a lot of comedy and improv,” Guadagnino explained in an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal. Guadagnino said he was waiting for a “…door into the Vegas show scene,” so when the opportunity to host Chippendales came up, he said “‘Let’s do it.'”

In an Instagram post, Guadagnino praised everyone involved in making the Chippendales show possible. Proud of his castmates, Guadagnino called their performance a “…highly produced Vegas show with talented dudes, comedy, and a fun space for people to party and have a fun night.”

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Wow. What an epic 6 weeks it has been hosting @chippendales. Can’t believe the residency is over so quickly.When I was asked to host, I chuckled like most people do … but I must say it has been one of the most fun things I’ve ever worked on. I’ve been in plays my whole life, done improv, a little stand up, various tv gigs,because I love performing (especially on a stage in front of an audience) . And although you may think Chippendales is a “strip club” with sausages thrown in your face left and right … it really is much more of highly produced Vegas show with talented dudes, comedy , and a fun space for people to party and have a fun night ….those big meatheads on the show are some of the chillest people I’ve ever worked with as well as the people behind the scenes …they were open to doing whatever I wanted creatively and didn’t make me do anything . I was able to do everything i love like hosting, dancing , performing etc..Plus It was actually MY choice to show my ass in the shower because I’ve always been known to go hard or go home. Like i said I’m a performer and want to put on the best show i can. Another fun fact… i unfortunately started off this residency with a severely sprained ankle that I got the day before I flew out playing ball getting in shape for the show. It was devastating and the worst timing ever. We had been promoting this for months so there was no quitting. The first few weeks were definitely challenging because i couldn’t even walk let alone perform …but the show must go on..I rehabbed my injury, still dieted and hit the gym every day to stay in shape, and with the help of the chippendales team ,we made the show work and performed the best I could…with it getting a little better every weekend . Plus, I didn’t need my ankle to show my ass! I want to thank everyone who flew out and came to the show. The room was packed with love every night and I’m so grateful. Also grateful for these hot hunks spraying white stuff all over my face as a farewell. Thanks for having the @ketoguido ! Until we meet again !

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Guadagnino will return to perform with Chippendales the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas starting Apr. 24. His third appearance with the male revue will run through June 7.